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1986 xj 900

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by littleal, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Hi all,i have come across a 1986xj900 un regd,but in in fair condition for its age, i ad my first look yesterday its all looking ok, the question is is there anything taht i should look out for????
    from what i can see what needs doing seat to be recovered$$??
    headstock bearing ?? $$
    apparently it can be a biatch to start????

    iam on a strict budget upgrading from a el 250 (kwaka)
    used for commuting to work every day, to give a little more power to get out of the cages blind spots,& it will open the weekends, so that i can go on those rides further than 20ks
    i would put photos on but i do not how to!!!!!!
    :oops: :oops: cheers littlal :?
  2. I have just had my seat re-covered for $100 at the local auto upholsterer.
  3. It's a 22 year old bike - how much do they want for it?

    Once you add the cost of repairs on, and unless you can work on it yourself, there could be other things wrong if the bike has not been ridden for sometime. Being a b!tch to start could be anything, from spark plugs to carby rebuild - plus there may be wiring issues if the bike has been left outside for sometime. So could turn into a real money pit and you'd also need to ensure parts availability.

    As a daily rider, you're going to want something reliable and maybe worth to pay a bit more for something newer, registered and at least going.
  4. Tks for that advice.the bike is in showroom condition!!!!!
    your"e advice is taken on board.

    sorry for taking so long,but had other things to deal with!!!!

    tks little al
  5. 1986 XJ900

    Mate I'm rebuilding an 83 XJ900 and the word is that once they're going they're pretty bullet proof. That said, you may want to check out xjbikes (can't post link yet) for some more info.

    I'm completely rebuilding and customising (not the original plan) and that is not cheap for a 25 year old bike. You can get spares 2nd hand, but when looking for things like piston rings or oversized pistons expect to pay big $$$.

    Starting trouble for the XJ's is often just worn starter brushes. Not something you can easily check without pulling out the starter and openning her up. If tapping on the starter helps then that could be your culprit. Otherwise your next two options are shitty fuses - replacing the old fuse box is DIY number 1, and dirty carbs. Cleaning the carbs on old bikes is often all that's required to get em loving you again.

    Best of luck with your decision.

  6. thanks for the xfbikes thingo,i will find it & have a look. :cool: :cool:

    I should know if it is all going to happen or not TODAY :LOL: :LOL: :lol
    cheers little al
  7. XJ900's are one of the most reliable models ever built but they do have an issue with the base of the tank rotting out.

    That often is a cause of erratic running and difficult starting.
  8. Best of luck LittleAl,

    If you do get it, let us all know. I'm relocating to Mount Vincent in the coming month, so will be cruising through Newcastle on the odd occasion.

    Safe riding
  9. Tuesday is the day, to pick up my next bike .here is a photo.
  10. Congrats mate. As the guys say, once you have the carbs under control and keep an eye out for the odd little niggle they are pretty bullet proof.

    I just got my engine back in the frame last night after a complete rebuild. Man it's great to see progress!

  11. Well now you bought it is bit late but this was my first big road bike. They are bullet proof bikes, I went through 2 motors and did about 150k on mine. There a great tourer and step up bike but 2 inherent problems.
    1-Fuel tanks rust and leak along bottom of seem at lowest point. 2-starter cluctch goes on them and its a split crankcase job to fix them :cry:
    Very hard to get a decent one nowdays so I just bought a bargain 2000 model instead for about same $
    From your elongated phone pic, looks in reasonable garaged condition. Happy trails :grin:
    I have a complete original gasket kit for one of these somewhere if anyones interested
  12. well picked up the xj900 today,got blue slip ,greenslip,& rego then home for closer inspection!!!!
    found 1 issue so far;
    the oil fill plugis made of aluminium & so is the block,i have a feeling that they have grown together??
    any ideas on how to get them apart??????
    thank u
    little al
  13. all fixed,by gently but firm tapping on top of plug & it came loose :LOL: :grin: :grin: :grin: :cool: :cool:
    little al
  14. LittleAl,

    Nice work. Now replace the oil and oil filter for comfort's sake and enjoy the holiday season with a few nice coastal rides.