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1986 Honda MC15 VT250F Questions..

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by WillsVT, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. G'day All,
    I've just returned to riding after a lay off and have bought a Japan market VT250F aka MC15. It's done just over 27,000km now, a thousand of those last week working as a Courier in Sydney.

    Anyone here had anything to do with these bikes? I've read about the cam chain tensioner issue and yes it does rattle a little when cold but is fine once warm. I think I recall also reading somewhere there might be some noise when cold caused by camshaft end-float issues that causes a 'tapping' sound and that's what the noise sounds like to me.

    I did the oil and filter last weekend, and the oil again today after about 1100km as the previous owner said the oil was dirty...it was filthy!

    Thanks in advance, William.
  2. Hey William,

    My housemate and myself are in the process of restoring a 1988 VT250F 'J' model so he can ride it around. Thread is here but I havn't got around to updating it much. Like yours, this one rattles and so on at start up when cold but once warm it settles down quite a bit.

    The Yanks got a similar but less powerful model, called the VTR250 (not to be confused with the current VTR250). Very similar in terms of external parts etc but be careful with the engine as there are differences in the pistons and hence compression and so on. But yeah check out the US sites for parts, BikeBandit and such, using the VTR250 (also called Interceptor) and you should find a fair bit, as Australia has next to no parts for these bikes.

    Issues with the older bikes were the cam chain tensioner as you mentioned, the inboard (onboard?) disc brakes at the front apprently sucked (the '88 has normal disc brakes), the thermostat sometimes can gets stuck open, the carb idle jets get easily clogged so run the fine wire through it.

    Great information can be found at www.vtr250.com but its now full of spammers so they moved over to www.vtr250.org. The older site still has all the archived discussions which were really useful in diagnosing the problems we came across. Oh and this probably won't come as a suprise, but any Honda OEM parts for these bikes cost a small car, disgusting prices really.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Thanks John. I discovered the USA dpec VTR link a few days ago. I think my thrrmostat is stuck open, I'll check it out. I thought the engine was just cold blooded, like me! Thanks again forthe heads up :)
  4. those enclosed brakes scare me on that bike.
  5. The front brake isn't too bad............better than Honda's drums on their 1980's dirt bikes!
  6. G'day all, I have VT 250 FJ MC15 from 88 it has 98,000K's on the clock purr's like a kitten , the timing chain is 128 links as opposed to 130 in the VTR and the cam tensioners are very different david silvers was great when it comes to parts. does any one have the web address for a manual? Iv'e been making do with a VT 250 F manual but there are many differences eg; brakes shocks valve clearances etc;. cheer Mark
  7. thanks Captain 115 for the cudos to 250.org we try to help
  8. 3 year old thread and the bloke you are talking to hasnt been seen for over a year, oh well.
  9. I see that the thread is ancient, but has any one got a link to where I can down load a service manual and a parts manual,, Cheers in advance Mark