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1985 80cc Kawasaki

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Cheeba, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I need some brains to pick! I have a little 80cc old Kawasaki that I am trying to do a basic check over on as it won't kick over. It was fine but then kept stalling and now won't start. It has a separate oil reservoir so I was told their was no pre-mixing needed with the petrol. What kind of oil should I use? There is also the oil section where the crank runs through - which is fed by the reservoir; how is the oil level regulated? I'm basically draining all oil and fuel, checking the air filter and spark plug for anything obvious. I drained the crank case and reservoir - next to the kick start lever is a bolt with 'oil level' written next to it - what is this for?

    As you can tell this is my first time to try this (very basic) stuff :LOL:

    All help/assistance/piss taking welcome :)

  2. Kawa 80

    You may have fouled the spark plug, pull it out & have a look if the electrodes are black & sooty looking. You can clean it up but it's hard to get all the muck out. Get a new spark plug if so.
    The oil is mixed into the engine via an oil pump to the bearings & inlet of the engine. Use a good quality proper 2 stroke oil.
    The plug near the kickstarter is for the gearbox which runs seperate oil to the engine. There should be a drain bolt somewhere under the back of the engine to drain the oil. Again a proper gearbox oil to re-fill it.
  3. Thanks very much Sidecar55! I bought some good gear oil (75-90 I think) but it said bike gear oil; and I got some good two stroke engine oil - again said bike oil. Haven't been able to get the plug out as I need to by a socket but hopefully with all these measures and new fuel it will be fine. I'm assuming the little bolt marked 'oil' level' halfway down the side of the gear oil chamber (near the kickstart) is for draining down to the correct level if you have put too much in? I have put the 600ml in which it says up top near the actual rubber plug so it's more a question of curiosity.

    Cheers :)
  4. I would highly recommend splashing out the $6 for a spark plug removal tool and the $4.50 for a new plug. Two strokes looooove new spark plugs.

    And yep that oil level sight is to make sure your oil level is good (ie make sure it isn't low and to know how much to put in if you top up the oil). What you did is good - drop all the old oil and replace with all new stuff.
  5. Cheers Morbo - I already asked my better half to do just that when she goes into the city looking for some Draggin's at lunchtime :)

    Hopefully they will have an air filter too.
  6. Bikes 2 - Human 0

    I really have got the reverese Midas touch at the moment. Not only is my road bike temporarily dead - but I have just put the 2 stroke oil in and it is pouring from the bottom of the case, as if it is going into the area the gear oil should be - looks as though it's coming from the kickstart! Air filter will take 2+ weeks to come from Japan too. Today is not a good day grrrr! :mad:
  7. Have you read the workshop manual. It is a great place to start.
  8. I don't have one, otherwise I would - it is an old bike we bought second hand. I found the leak anyway, it's coming from between the compartment joins but the bloody bolts have been rounded off so I cannot get each section off to re-seal it. It's back in the garage for a rainy day project.
  9. Hey Cheebs, what kind of bike is it? Post pic if you can.

    Generally two-strokes rely on two different oils for lubrication.

    Gearbox oil, obviously for the gearbox. This normally goes in through a small filler hole on the upper right hand side of the engine near the kick starter. This oil lasts a long time and generally only needs topping up if you have a leak. Unlike in a four -stroke, this oil leads a fairly relaxed life. All it does is lubricate the gears and at a relatively low temperature.

    Secondly, you need two-stroke oil. This is burned along with the fuel as there is no other way of lubricating the bearings of the crankshaft or the piston skirt in this type of engine. Two-stroke oil can either be mixed with the fuel or as in your case, fed to a pump. The pump is driven by a gear, the faster the engine spins, the more oil is fed to the engine. However the engine needs more oil when it's under load (accelerating) so there's also a cable which is linked to the throttle cable. The more you open the throttle, the more oil is delivered to the engine. Depending on your bike, the two-stroke oil tank is either under one of the side panels or under the seat. The oil pump is generally behind one of the engine covers, usually but not always, the sprocket cover. It is fed by small rubber tube from the bottom of the two-stroke oil tank.

    If the bike's been standing a while the fuel may be no good. Change it for new. Also fit a new plug, and top up your two-stroke oil. Make sure you never run out - it will kill your engine. Note, as the bike's old who knows what modifications have been made by previous owners, so don't be surprised by anything you find that doesn't make sense.

    Hope this helps you narrow down what part is where on your bike and helps you understand what's not working.
  10. Hi GPZ,

    Thank you very much for a patient and extensive reply :)

    The bike is a KD80 - I have managed to order in a new air filter and bought a new plug.

    I had drained all fuel and oils to put new stuff in, but unfortunately the two stroke oil is leaking from the join between the two oil sections on the actual metal casing. As the previous owner has rounded off a couple of the phillips head bolts - I cannot get the side plate off to have a look. I managed to get hold of most of them with some pliers and rotate but the final one is recessed so I cannot get hold of the bolt, which is annoying.

    So it is stalemate at the moment!
  11. It sounds suspiciously like your bikes gearbox has done itself a mischief and some of its internals have decided that life would be better outside the gearbox casings.
    I'm with Rog. Beg, buy, borrow or steal an owners/workshop manual. All will be revealed.
  12. If you have a problem with the 2-stroke oil not staying where it should be, you could just pre-mix oil in the fuel instead (like a 2-stroke lawn mower) and leave the oil tank empty. At least that way you can get it going wothout spending time and money on the oil leak. Then if it turns out to run well you can fix the oil problem later. I'd suggest a 50:1 mix.
  13. oooh! That is a great bloody idea! At least it will help me start to identify the other problems if they still exist following new oils/fuel/sparks/air filter etc. Thanks The Mole!!
  14. Hi all,

    Just a quick one to say thanks for your suggestions. I did what was proposed (new oils/air filter/spark plug/fuel and also pre-mixing oil/petrol in the interim) and now the little red rocket is back firing on all cylinders :)

    Just in time for taking to our bush block at the weekend for my GFs birthday bash.

    Excellent! vrooom vrrooooom! haha :)