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1984 Suzuki GS250FWS...am i the only one?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by davway, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. just bought one, havent got it home yet, but do you think there is ANY info out there on the net about these bikes?
    most links i have found are for the service manual, which i have downloaded AND bought a hard copy of as well.
    so it would appear that these bikes are somewhat rare since they were only made for 1 year, and it would appear that i am the only one in the whole world that actually owns one.
    tell me im not the only one.......please......
    anyway id like to know more about them so if anyone knows anything at all about them, then post away.
    all ive found out so far is: that they were Suzuki's first 4cyl (not sure if it was just first 4cyl 250 or first 4cyl bike), there is a GS250FW (no 'S') that may or may not be the same bike (the manual has slight differences between the 2) that was sold in a different country, there is NO information on the net about them, parts are going to be harder to find than the information, i dont know what style you would call this bike (roadbike, naked, katana etc) and Redbook doesnt even have this bike listed.

    now, after all that, i have got this bike to get my L's and P's on (12 years after i intended to). price was right so i couldnt say no really.
    was it a mistake or am i in for some good times?
    im not riding for top speed records either, just transport and the joy of riding

  2. Yep that's a rare bike alright, and it was Suzuki's first ever 4-cylinder 250 (but certainly not the first 4-cylinder). Kinda weird actually as I was looking at a 400 version of the same bike myself only yesterday (though soon walked away once I noticed what looked to be rust in key stress areas of the frame :shock:).
    Probably not much info out there simply due to the fact that I don't think it was a popular bike, especially since it couldn't compete with other 4-cylinder 250s available at the time like the Yamaha FZ250 (which is why Suzuki developed the GSXR250). The GSXR400 (and scaled down 250) were developed from Yoshimura tuned race-versions of the GSX400FWS. The GSXR then formed the basis for the 250/400 Katana/Bandit. The Suzuki Across however I believe was developed directly from the road-version of the FWS (which is why its engine is different to the Bandit).
    You might have more luck searching the 'net for the engine code (GJ71a or GJ71b) if you don't mind dodgy google translations from Japanese. You can also tell a bit from the model code - the GS means it's a DOHC, two-valve per cylinder engine (the 400 is a 4-valve GSX). As for the suffix codes - the "f" was used simply to denote that it was a four-cylinder (as opposed to the parallel twin GS bikes), the "w" means that it's an "economy" specification model, and the "s" was simply used to denote "different" styling - think in this case it was simply the design of the bikini fairing, ie whether or not it extended all the way to the fuel tank.
    Parts shouldn't be impossible to find, during that period Suzuki really only had about two different oil/air filters for pretty much their entire product range - it was only later that manufacturers realised that making model specific parts meant they could charge more for them ;). You might find this site useful for tracking down part codes:
    Good luck with it any way, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun. Oh and make sure you post up some pics of the bike when you get a chance.
  3. thanks for the info and the link. had a bit of a look around but havent really found the knowledge im seeking.
    engine and rear suspension aside, this bike has to be the same as another 250 of the same era surely?
    GSX250/E maybe, give or take slight variations?
    main thing im trying to find is part numbers for things i need. im pretty sure they wouldnt design and build a whole new bike for just one year without sharing parts from something else.
  4. twas my first bike back in 96

    metropolitan motorcycle wreckers in syd had parts for the bike back then and i wouldnt doubt that they would still have some stuff on the shelf

    still have a bikini fairing in the shed

    what parts do you need? worth a trip to the wreckers , a half decent wrecker should be able to recognise something
  5. They weren't very common back when they came out.

    The whole idea of a 250 4 cylinder was pretty revolutionary and like most ideas that are ahead of their time the first attempts tend not to be commercial successes.
  6. not black by any chance?
    dont need hard to get items, just the usual things like:
    a fork seal
    brake pads and front disc
    rear tyre fixed (or replaced if cracked)
    spark plugs
    chain and sprocket
    hand grips
    most of these items are common at any bike shop anyway except maybe the brakes pads/rotor and fork seal. the rest of the bike is fine.

    i have got a quote for all the parts listed from a Suzuki dealer and the prices arent stupidly expensive or anything like that, but id still like to shop around and see what is used on other bikes for future reference as well.

    so what was your impression of the bike?
  7. the fairing i have needs a little minor work but yes it is black, think i might also have a side cover in the shed as well and maybe a rad guard

    all those partts can be had aftermarket or at the stealership

    the front disk could be a little trickier , but i wouldnt be surprised if it is the same as a RG250 of the same era , again a trip down thge wreckers with disk in hand should come up with something, be aware of what they actually cost as you may be abl to buy new for not much more than a dealer tries to **** you for,

    but as i suggested give metros in syd a call, they have been around forever and they dont seem to throw a lot out

    the bike to me seemed good enough, revvy 4 cyl back then was cool, gear indicator back then (shove that up your pipe new gixxar owners ;) )

    i oaid about $1600 back then , rode it for 6 months and sold for same
  8. Bought a goooof did you Hmmmmmmm

    I remember when they first come out and if memory serves me correct where either the two wheels or revs magazine dog of the year.

    I think that alot of the chasis parts and body work was shared with the RG WD WE WG models before the RGV came out

    I had an aquaintance with one of them and when i rode it was well to be kind to you mate awful :roll: the engine might have gone on to better things in the across series but do the basics get ls and ps done and then flog it off to the next stary eyed punter that even gives it a second glance.

    Lets face it suzuki had the rg series that walloped it all over the place thats why they only sold it for a year (bring in 200 bikes and spend two to three years trying to get rid of them)

    Sorry for the negativity but it is a gooooof :roll:
  9. all comments are welcomed, good or bad.
    as i mentioned i only got it for 2 reasons:
    1)it was cheap ($600)
    2) some practice with the clutch BEFORE we go for our L's and then to use to get some road experience on.
    i figure if a bike is going to fall over, id rather it be a $600 bike than a $6000 bike.

    anyway, finally got it running. new plugs and some fresh fuel and it fired back to life. carbs need a bit of a clean i think, flat spots all over the place.
    dont know what temp the thermo fan is sposed to start running but as of half temp it hadnt turned itself on.
    any easy way to test to see if it works?
    rear end is getting a new tyre and brakes as well. that just leaves the front disc and fork seal to do along with the standard chain and sprocket.

    that spare set of fairings you have, is it the left one or the right one that is broken?
    a tab has broken of my left one so i need to replace it.
    this is what mine looks like (not mine but exactly the same as mine)
  10. dunno mate, will visit my parents in a couple of weeks and check the shed and report back
  11. You are not alone lol,

    I own a 2/84 GS250FW too.

    I'm actually looking for both side covers and original blinkers front and rear

    But after some research I found that only 190 were released in Australia and half to two thirds are extinct.
    Or turned into cafe racers. :(

    But anyway, if anyone knows where parts are please let me know as I'm on a mission to restore her
    back to factory original, with 49,000 km on it lol
  12. Maybe same one