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1984 Sr250 Cafe/bobber Project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by DarkAz, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Thought I'd post the start of my current project to both share the experience and also get some hints/tips.feedback along the way.

    I picked up this '84 SR250 which had been left sitting for a number of years, the plan is to do a bobber/cafe conversion (I'd say it's a straight cafe build, but the purists will be sure to have a go at me).

    The starting point:

    Might not look too bad, but upon closer inspection it leaves a bit to be desired.

    The headlight, mounts and bars have seen better days, with all sorts of rust and none remaining in original shape - and what's with those ugly cat's eye indicators?


    The exhaust with the most amazing(?) welding job I've seen on the mounting bracket.


    Lots of oxidisation and buildup all over the place


    Even the oil plug needs some TLC


  2. After some initial work (oil, fuel, plug, donor battery from the CBR and tracing/repairing 2 electrical faults) I managed to fire it up and for a "little thumper" that had been left sitting so long it runs surprisingly well - as a quick trip around the block, *ahem* my garage *ahem* showed.

    No huge progress just yet, but have stripped of a lot of the unwanted pieces and pieces that *need* replacing and am starting to get an idea of some of the final lines and look I want to go for.


    Ignore the crappy stock bars on the funny angle - the plan is for clip ons - which is why I've dropped the front a little to see how it affected the rake.

    I'm going to try modifying the stock seat before venturing out to look at aftermarket/custom options - see the marker lines on it for what I'm thinking. Yes there's still parts of the subframe to clean up as a result, but it certainly makes things a lot easier for somebody with no welding experience (not access to equipment). Need to look at what sort of pipe to mount (and where) - any suggestions welcomed here - the header is in reasonable condition, and I was thinking of stripping it back, painting it black and taping it, so the key here is the muffler.

    The tank has a couple of huge dents in the top - although it's still repairable, I'm not sure if I want to stick with the stock shape or look at alternatives.

    Once I've figured what's happening with the seat/rear guard, then I'll be dropping everything out of the frame, cleaning up welds, removing pillion peg mounts (and that god awful exhaust "bracket") and painting it up... lots to do, but there's no hurry to get this project finished.

    With the front end - I'm tempted to try and find something more modern, allowing for front disc brake(s) - happy to replace triple clamps, forks and wheel - just have to do some investigation to see what will fit.
  3. Good project bike - I reckon a Benelli style tank will work well with that seat shape you are carving.
  4. hmmm hadn't considered that shape - but I reckon you're onto something... will keep my eyes peeled when scouring wreckers/swap meets in the coming weeks/months
  5. #5 maduncle, Nov 14, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2012
    Bendigo this weekend is a good place to start for parts...

    And don't rush to trim the bottom edge off the seat into a straight line, the current bottom edge does fit your frame and I reckon it will look great with the top of the seat shaped the way you plan to do it.
  6. I was really hoping to get up to Bendigo this weekend, but unfortunately can't make it :( Any other upcoming swap meets you'd recommend?

    Yeah I'm still unsure about exactly what to do with the seat so am leaving it as is for a while - got plenty of other things to do first (like stripping everything out of the frame to clean it up and paint it, then similarly with the engine...