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1984 GSX-750SE Katana. (pop up headlight model)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by The Renegade, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    Well without going into too much detail .... I have to sell my girl. It pains me greatly. :-({|=

    I'm asking $4500, but I'm open to any offers you have.

    Here's all the important stuff:
    1984 GSX750SE Katana.
    The Good:
    Stock strong engine.
    Hydraulic Clutch.
    New Paint - VW Pearl Blue with a multicoloured glitter fleck.
    1987 GSXR 750 front end with 18" wheel, 4 pot calipers and bigger disks. (Also have the stock front end to go with bike - not a smash up repair)
    Remus Carbon Fibre muffler with 3" in and 2"out. 4 into 1 headers. Heatwrapped pipe.
    Low profile mirrors (also stock mirrors)
    Digital Dash with Speed, tacho, and all idiot lights.
    HID Headlight.
    Back tyre 95% Front tyre 75%
    Just done oil and filter, plus brake and clutch fluids.
    10 Months Rego.
    It's a pop up model!!!

    The not-so good:
    Pop up headlight doesn't. But has been converted to manual pop up and locks in place, so it's completely roadworthy.
    If you are heavy like me (110kg's) front end could be a bit stiffer.

    The bike will also include:
    Stock front end, calipers, wheel.
    Full set of repro decals in silver. Plus extras.

    I will get some better pix up sometime soon. These are a little out of date and don't show the completed bike.

  2. Ohhh shit, Mrs K's gonna kill me for this, but...
    Keep me in mind if you have trouble moving it (although I suspect you won't) - it wasn't in the plan, but it IS one of my "dream shed" bikes.
  3. It won't be long. I need to shift her sooner than later. Unfortunately.
  4. Hey Bud,
    Give me a call if you're interested: 0419 440 505
  5. Still Available!
  6. Still here guys n gals.
  7. Stop tempting me dammit :LOL:.
    I don't need another one, though yours is a lot nicer....
  8. :angel:
    I'd prolly let her go for $4K ... or something I can ride without bending my knee too much. The postie bike is starting to bore me.
  9. That is a good price.

    C'mon people, what's wrong with you. These are a brilliant bike for fast sweeping bends, and you're unlikely to ever stop somewhere and find yourself parked next to something that's identical (even non bike people can tell a Katana from other bikes).
  10. I'd even trailer it up for you - I'm heading your way on Saturday........
  11. how many km's it done?

    you got a sound clip of the exhaust?
  12. Hey Mav, unknown K's as it had GSX-R 750 clocks on it when I bought it and I've put a digital setup on it since.
    I'll make a vid in the coming days.
  13. Jeez I've forgotten to do the vid.
    In Newcastle all week, but I'll get right on top of it on Friday.
  14. Here's the vid I promised so very long ago!
    Please excuse the noise of my postie at the start ... it is NOT how the Kat sounds!!!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.