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1984 DR250 Suzuki Electrical Probs, plz help!!!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Cobra18, May 31, 2005.

  1. Hey guys, first of all thanx for clicking and taking a look at my post!

    As said above i own a 84 DR250 Trail bike :) i have a problem with my headlight wiring..... I had the low beam filiment blow so i was riding with highbeam on for a few weeks (i just adjusted the beam angle accordingly) It also blew, now i have replaced the globe twice but everytime i put the globe in i start the bike, lights on, rev it a little and it blows. It is very bright on idle! the taillight is not affected by this.... any ideas? :oops: Also looking for a electrical wiring diagram for the same bike i am trying to hook up indicators to it for a roadworhy. The bike is 6v and runs a magneto charging setup (no battery).

    Thankyou for your time again

    Simon J. Adelaide, South Australia

  2. run the bike with the headlight disconnected using a volt meter, checkthe voltage to the headlight wires, it may be overcharging due to a fault in the charging system, causing an overcharge which will break the circuit at the weakest point

    ie:light filiment.
  3. oi dude i got the same bike:) i got the wiring diagram from a mate, dunno if it will help, so yer give us ya email and ill fowrad to u;)
  4. He can't PM you until he submits 10 posts so you you might be better to give him yours.
  5. Problems sorted :)

    Hey there guys, my electrical problems are all sorted... Thankyou very much for your replies all of you! Bloody voltage Reg!! I ended up purchasing the genuine Suzuki workshop manual so if there are any fellow DR20 owners out there that need to know anything or need a scan of page just get hold of me here ---> Cobra18@rocketmail.com, Will be more than happy to help, the manual covers quite a few different versions of the DR including the F and full battery elect systems.

    Cheers again Guys

    Simo, Southern Aus.