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1983 VFR needs a Rebuild.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Popkok, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Sitting in my shed is a 1983 V- Four 750 Honda. my son in law got as payment for some mechanical work awhile back. We put clean fuel in and a general clean and fiddle and off she went. I rode it about 100 Ks around backroads out here. It blows blue smoke and the complicated muffler is RS. Any help on a Rebuild Kit source and other parts would be appreciated. It's a neat ol girl and would be great seeing it live again. I think it's the 1st Gen VFR ?

  2. You sure it's a VFR and not a VF? Because I'm fairly sure the VFR didn't happen until ~1986.
  3. Thank you for replying Pat, Yes, It has Huge stickers on it, I have some pics but too stoopid to upload them. This is the first Forum I've ever joined. Google tells me they were an Interceptor in the U.S. The Red with Black and white Stripes match too. Having no success finding a rebuild kit online so far. I'll try find instructions here on uploading pics from my camera.
  4. Could'nt upload a picture, but... Looking at them just now, It is Clearly a VF750F.. yes, it is difficult being this thick.](*,) 8-[
  5. Hmm, before you decide the rebuild route, maybe check around the wreckers for a clean motor. Might end up better if you factor in parts cost, labour, amount of swearing and cussing in the garage, broken tools, bandaids, high from oil fumes, etc. But hey you do learn a lot in the process.
  6. join up www.ozvfr.net and ask the question there, plenty of guys have long histories with the Honda V4, and have rebuilt the older VF models as well as more recent VFRs.