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1983 Suzuki GN250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by chris250, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I just bought my 1st bike a 1983 Suzuki GN250 - to do my L's on and while she is a bit battered (i.e - the tanks got a 1000 scratches on it & the instrument panel wording is completely faded) she runs well.

    I am looking for a good Suzuki mechanic or dealership on Sydney's North Shore. I'm based in North Sydney.

    Also - does any one know of a good place in Sydney for spare parts for these bikes as i'd like to replace a few things along the way like the tank and instrument panel etc

    Any help or advice appreciated

  2. Whilst not a suzuki mechanic only, give Lloyd Penn - Artarmon a go, works on all brands, gets a good wrap for his work.

    For spares, try Metropolitan Motorcycle Spares - Silverwater or Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers - Alexandria....
  3. Many thanks!
  4. If the only issue with the tank is scratches, it might be worth looking at painting it rather than replacing.

    Depending on what look you're after and how much you want to spend. A rattle can of matt black might be a cheap option

    I'm trying to remember where the wording on the instrument panel is on a GN250.
    Is it inside the speedo casing?
    In which case again if you're looking for cheaper options - I'd consider opening it up and gluing in a printed (And laminated?) sheet. Or a wrecker might let you take just the bit with the writing from another bike rather than the while unit.
  5. Learn to service it yourself. Bikes like this are not worth spending big dollars on.
  6. Thanks DamoSV650 & ibast for the advice.