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1983 GPZ 550 Kwaka ..sick and in need of some advice!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by TheMoser63, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Hi fellow enthusiasts - yes, I know it's an old bike but at the moment she's all I can afford and after not being on two wheels for almost 12 years I'm having a ball!! :)

    Problem is after the bike has been running for some time (more than 45 minutes) if I turn it off it just doesn't want to start again. Has happened 3 times so far in last few weeks. If I leave it for about 15 - 30 minutes it starts again without any problem.Bike has voltage guage built into tacho and when it won't start voltage shows at around 9 - 10 V. When running fine voltage is around 13 - 14 V mark.

    Would love to have some advice on where to start as I want to fix it myself if at all possible. Have just paid rego last Friday and it broke down again on the weekend on a pleasant country trip with some mates.

    Any help would be really appreciated guys and girls.

    Would also love to get hold of workshop manual but haven't had any joy at locating one yet...


    TheMoser63 (aka: Stephen)
  2. I'd start by getting the battery checked, you could be due for a new one.
  3. +1

    ( at least have a look at the fluid level in the battery, yourself )
  4. It won't be the Battery, more likely the Starter Motor Solenoid, and its Connections. Clean and lightly grease them.
  5. When you say it wont restart, is it turning over with the starter motor and wont fire, or nothing at all when you push the button ?

    Lets narrow it down to electrical, fuel or a tied engine :p
  6. Hi VTR Bob. The starter motor turns over but very slowly - last time I tried push starting it but that didn't work either but after leaving is sitting there for about 15 minutes she fired up and purred like a kitten (that had swallowed a handful of nuts and bolts!)
    TheMoser63 :shock:
  7. Hi all. Am confident it's not the battery. My mate that sold me the bike said that it's still relatively new. I checked the levels and they were spot on and when I put it on the charger it came up as 90% charged and only required 30 minutes to get it all green lights.

    I like the idea of checking the solenoid starter motor but am an absolutely novice when it comes to that sort of thing. Can you give me some pointers guys. I don't want to rip off the wrong thing..already in the pooh with the wife for buying the bike (and not telling her til I rode it home...oops!)
    Cheers, TheMoser63
  8. What time frames are we talking
    From shutdown to 1st attempt at starting?
    Whats it like from a dead cold start ..
    ie: 1st start for the day

    I have my suspicions but I dont want to jump in yet, I had an old GS750 that used to do this, she was VERY temperamental and some days just got pushed back into the shed. And yes I did get round to fixing it :p
  9. You thinking the same thing Bob ?
  10. Hi gents. Thanks for taking an interest. Generally I only ride about twice a week and with the choke out and a twist of the throttle she generally starts on the second attempt.
    The problems I've had with the restarts are only when I have riden her for (say) 45 mins to 1 hour and then shut the engine off (I to refuel) then I'm rooted! Your thoughts would be appreciated? Also does anyonme know where I can get a workshop manual for the bike from? I've scoured the net many times and have come up empty...
    Cheers TheMoser63
  11. Found a manual for you here

    Long day today, I'll get back to you tmw night with some more questions :)
  12. Hi VTR Bob. That's brilliant! Registered but it won't let me download so I'll try tomorrow and then contact the Administrator. Thanks for your help.
    Cheers, TheMoser63 :grin:
  13. Hi VTR Bob. Can't thank you enough mate. The manual downloaded tonight and is brilliant. I'm pretty confident that I should now be able to keep her in tip top condition.
    Have you had a chance to think anymore about what the potential problem could be? In the past I've ridden the bike for fairly long distances and not had this issue until say a month ago...maybe just getting old..er! :grin:
    Cheers, TheMoser63
  14. Any more updates on this one ?
    I've been away all week with work with no net access :?

    Anyhoo as I said I had an old GS750 that had this problem when hot, and after 30mins or so would start again no problem.

    I'd be doing a compression test then go from that, mine was getting so old and worn that when hot the top rings expanded so much that once stopped there was not enough compression to get things going again. It was deceptive as she was not blowing enough blue smoke to indicate worn rings while riding.
    But as most people do I did a compression test only at the end of playing with everything else and just got so frustrated I remember saying "f*** it" lets see what a comp test shows :oops: :grin:
  15. Thanks for the idea VTRBob. I would never have thought of that. It did it to me again on Thursday after a 45 minute ride and started again after approx 30 mins so you could be on the money.

    Will let you know in the near future.
    Cheers, TheMoser63
  16. Bob, could be valve clearances too.