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1980 Yamaha SR250.. should I get one?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by bigsky, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. Hi there fellas! I'm new here, obviously. I just got my L's and am very keen to get a cruiser!

    I haven't much money to spend unfortunately. I've been on bikesales.com.au for a while now, and found this bike:


    Seem's like a good deal to me. RWC and Rego till' next year. Only done 31,738 kms, I'm assuming that's good for a 30~ odd year old bike! What do you guys/girls think about buying this bike? I only have $2,000 to spend. =[

    (Edit: I've also been looking at this, which isn't a cruiser (sorry) http://www.bikesales.com.au/all-bik...0&seot=1&__Nne=15&trecs=95&__sid=1273AE8D1F20)


  2. Well, technically speaking the SR isn't a cruiser either. It just has slightly higher bars and slightly extended forks over the standard SR.

    The Fizzer looks like a better deal, though if the thought of riding everywhere at 10000RPM worries you then you'd better not consider it!!

  3. The SR250 isn’t really a cruiser, It does have a nice low CoG though and is a really forgiving and easy bike to learn on. But they are a bit old and temperamental.
    Oh and don’t try to get em cranked over they start dragging stuff
  4. My SR185 was Mr Reliability, while Devery's $1000 SR (see in the garage section) has been a pain. Which is fine if you're happy to pull out some tools. That bike looks pretty good though, and has a spare. I'd jump at it. The SR is a great bike in any cc (I've owned the 185 and the 500), and I think it is one of the better 250s (in that it's just a great bike in itself, rather than being a little imitation of some 'proper' bike). Cheap to own, run and fix: thumbs up here.