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1980 Swann Series - Rd 4 Sandown

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by pvda, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Here's one for Hornet and a few other "older" members to enjoy.


  2. Lovely. Croz on the old 4 stroke he ran 2nd on at the IOM, shame he missed a gear and bent a valve that last lap would have been a cracker.
  3. looked at the first minute, Drew Morphett when he had some hair :LOL:

    I'll check it out tonight at home, thanks Paul (y)
  4. Love Gardiner's start, wheelie up the inside for the lead at the first conrner.
  5. Yes "the 20-year-old Wayne Gardner" :LOL:

    What I couldn't believe was the riders riding back through the grid in the opposite direction to race travel; I'm sure I never saw that at any race meeting I was at in that era :?.
  6. Remembering the paddock was on the inside of Turn 1 back then they probably didn't do a warm up lap and simply ducked out of pit lane entry the wrong way to get to the grid.
  7. Probably a sighting lap and then shut down for the television cameras to do their thing on the grid, and then they have to bump start them again. Direction of race travel then would only exist after the flag drops I reckon. Otherwise how would they get them started again? They would have to go the wrong direction at some point.