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VIC 1980 Honda CB250 - Richmond

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by dutchington, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Hey All,

    Re: Please help me find my bike.

    Last night my motorbike was stolen from my house.

    It is a 1980 Black Honda CB250. It's very noticeable and loud.

    If you hear anything please contact me on 0411 222 469.

    I have only had it for a few weeks!!

    Registration: 1E3RG



    Check my event I created on Facebook for a couple of pictures.
  2. Peninsula Riders please keep a look out.

    Some tradies in my area were "admiering" my bike and were asking a lot of funny/strange questions so I asked the owner of the property where the tradies were from. He said Peninsula way... Another strange thing was they totally finished up Friday night... The day my bike was stolen...