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1980 BMW R100RT

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by warwickh, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. I can't take much credit for the design of this bike. Most of the inspiration comes from Bill Costello's RT in the US. My father-in-law and I decided to split the costs 50-50 and build a bike ourselves in the same style. (Bill really built a nice looking bike)
    I don't live in France anymore, but that's where the bike is, so the plan was to finish the whole project in 2 weeks.
    We already knew someone with an R100RT for sale, so we agreed on a price and that was that. We knew that the engine had been rebuilt, so we didn't have to spend too much time on the mechanics.

    I got online and started ordering bits off the net. When I arrived, most of the parts were there waiting for me. This was only really possible as I knew the parts would (should) fit the R100.

    I borrowed a friend's garage and got to work.
    Stripping the bike didn't take too long. The only real drama was getting the top fork bolts and triple tree to let go. For that we needed to call in the help of a friend with a rattle gun.
    Once the clip-ons and Acewell speedo are added it starts to take shape.
    I felt a bit guilty about cutting the subframe, but I think it gives the bike a much nicer shape with some length taken out. The Megaton mufflers sweeten up the sound and lighten up the look too.
    I had some clearance issues with the rearsets, but managed to gain enough space to make it work.
    photo 3.JPG
    New peanut rocker covers and almost ready for paint
    A new coat of paint and only the seat and electricals to finish.

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  2. The finished product. It's great fun to ride, and sounds great. Next step is brakes. Even with dual disks, you need to plan ahead.
    SAM_6974.JPG SAM_6971.JPG
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  3. That is just fantastic. Understated and elegant with no showy nonsense, just as it should be.
    Thanks for posting.
  4. Utterly delightful
  5. Wunderbar...
  6. excellent work
  7. Yuk!
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  8. The R100RT is a bike with classic lines. Converting it to a cafe racer has ruined its looks...in my opinion. All that work and money to turn a silk purse into a sow's ear. From a Thoroughbred ....... to a Wildebeest.[​IMG] Blue_Wildebeest,_Ngorongoro.
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  9. Well, we all have opinions RennsportRennsport

    Personally i can take or leave the cafe look, each to their own. That said, nicely done.
  10. A bloke wandered into our Saturday Practice session one day in a cafe racered BMW one day. The bike looked great but he'd done it to a R100RS. Have no idea why he hadn't used a cheaper model as the basis. In my view he had definitely taken a moderately collectible bike and halved its market value.
  11. Each to their own.

    I am by no means a cafe racer proponent.
    I dislike hipsters immensely. (not directed @OP as I know for a fact this is not the case)

    However - someone who takes a classic machine and restores it whilst adding character is to be admired, not admonished.

    Take it or leave it RennsportRennsport
  12. I get where you're coming from Rennsport. That's why my /5 will always look as close as possible to how it came from the factory.
    The RT on the other hand spent ten years squaring off its tyres while its PO chose other options to ride. Now it's regularly squirting around the countryside and getting plenty of TLC.
    Better a wildebeest on the road than a thoroughbred in the stable, I say.
  13. Well I like it. It looks like a sensible custom and what you've done is not exactly irreversible.
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  14. Always thought the RT in its original version to be the cheap version of the RS model but this conversion has been well done and looks good
  15. No. RT and RS were both faired but different, both in fairing, accessories and state of tune.
  16. Nice work. I have no opinion as to whether it would be better left stock or not... I'm looking at getting a K100 and doing similar, but no doubt not even half as well as you did. I've been tempted to buy "good" examples (as these are cheap too) but given I'm likely to butcher the poor thing I'm going to get something mechanically sound but cosmetically average.
  17. Love the Morph into cafe,I have an R80 Mono in pieces at the moment and if it ends up as good as your Bike I'll be a happy Airhead:)