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1980 A100 Wiring Diagram

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by BonsaiDR, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. Hi

    I am newbie and was hoping for some help.

    Would really appreciate it if someone could help me locate or provide a copy of a 1980 A100N electrical schematic (wiring diagram).

    I have a full schematic of all 1979 Suzuki releases but they fail to provide what I need.

    Having a little trouble locating one.

    Thank you and Cheers
  2. Thanks for the advice. I have tried those. I have also see a copy of the table of contents for the 1980 Part one and two complete suzuki wiring diagrams, but the A100 is not in there. Hence my difficulty.

  3. I had a A100 back in 1980, had a lot of fun on that little bike. Think I paid about $500 for it brand new.

    Unfortunately I cant help you with a wiring diagram but good luck with you restoration.

    They were a pretty simple bike as far as electrics go, maybe post the problem you are trying to solve and someone may be able to assist.
  4. Actually, not sure if this is what you are looking for?

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  5. Hey,

    I have my Suzuki A100 sitting in the kitchen and I have been stuck on the wiring on this bike for about 1.5 years, every month or so I gain the courage to to give it another but as always end up with a full weekend drained away with nothing to show.

    Can any one please explain the most minimal requirements to get this engine to kick over, I seriously don't understand how this bike can spark when all connections to stator and ignition coil are all ground, where there heck does the energy come from, the kickstart alone?

    I am about to build a secondary wrong harness from scratch from all the research I have done rather then look at this wiring digram again as I have never had positive results.

    Sorry this is my first encounter on the site, I understand this thread is super old though I can't seem to make a new thread..

    Thanks, R.
  6. Noice. Mine only got as far as the breakfast room.

    There's a few on here with way more electrical smarts than me - hopefully they'll chime in for you. But you'll probably get your butt kicked for not saying 'hi' in the welcome lounge first. Just saying....................
  7. When Suzuki built these bikes, the wiring harness worked (I owned one), so it doesn't need re-wiring. If you don't understand how it could work from looking at the wiring diagram, the problem is not Suzuki's. The ignition system is magneto and doesn't need power from the battery, the spark energy comes from the coil via rotation of the magneto so, yes, when you first kick it over the power to fire the spark comes from the engine (and flywheel magneto) rotating, that's why the spark is relatively weak when you're trying to start it. The ignition switch simply shorts the low tension side of the coil to ground to stop the engine. This is the wire marked "B" coming out of the flywheel magneto, it also goes to the kill switch.
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  8. Awesome :), I never blamed suzuki I was just getting extremely frustrated at myself.
    I finally got it started and idling smoothly but now I can't get the charging system running. I will be testing all connections on my harness later this week as I'm starting to believe there's a failing connection somewhere.

    Thanks the Mole!
  9. haha what? whats the Welcome lounge?
    and glad to hear i'm not the only one using the bike as a show piece in the house.
  10. The Welcome Lounge is where new members are supposed to stop and introduce themselves before doing anything else. "Hi, I'm Some Guy and I luvz teh bikezorz", that kind of thing. You'll find it if you have a quick look at the forum listing.