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1978 Castrol Six Hour Race

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. The teammoto website has a GREAT write up on the Yamaha XS-1100's historic win in the 1978 Castrol Six Hour Race at Amaroo Park....

    Against all odds, and Honda's formidable CBX-1000 six-cylinder weapon, the Avon Tyres entry won the race, by the simple expedient of having the two best endurance riders in the country, Roger Heyes and the late Jim Budd, and being the first team ever to change a tyre during the hotly-contested race for production bikes...

  2. A link would be nice, please :grin:
  3. And you know the scary part of this is - I can remember the race...

    Vaguely, but I still recall it. And the tyre change thing was something to behold, particularly when at the time it would take me ages just to get the wheel off my bike...
  4. My apologies, Matti


    Yes, Martin, I was an accredited photographer at that meeting, and the rumour had been circulating all weekend that Lindsay Walker was going to do a rear tyre change, but no-one knew if it was just a rumour. The XS-1100 was shaft drive, of course, so the change when it came was easy, having been practised in secret for many weeks previously.

    I was at Stop Corner when the bike came in, and saw a huddle round the rear wheel and knew immediately what was happening, but by the time I had run to the pits, the change was over and the bike was back out on the track. The pit crews near to the Avon pit all stood and clapped spontaneously as the bike burst back onto the track; they knew they'd seen a bit of history. Lindsay Walker was grinning like the cat that had just got the canary; he knew that he had instantly demoralised the entire field. In the last two hours of the race while everyone was tippy-toeing roudn trying to make their rear tyres last, Jim and Roger were riding at just a bit below qualifying pace.

    And the joke NEXT year was that everyone came prepared to change the rear tyre, and did. Lindsay Walker upped the ante by changing the FRONT tyre as well!!!!!
  5. Thanks Paul, love this stuff!

    So have you got a good collection of photos? Might have to drop in for a cup of tea if I am ever up your way.
  6. You would be more than welcome, as are all riders and Netriders especially.

    Actually I hve been thinking of late of doing something to preserve the collection that runs to many albums, three boxes of colour slides, and thousands of negatives. The collection runs from late 1975 (I think the Castrol that year was the first race meeting I photographed, (Johnny Warrian snapped the crank of his Ducati 900SS with half an hour to go and the race safe in his keeping)) to somewhere round late 1981 or 2; a great era of Australian road-racing....

    hmm, thinks, should scan them and post them on Netrider; at least that whiner Dazza wouldn't be able to whinge about THEM being copyright!!!
  7. Paul, we do archival standard framing and all sorts of other framing if you ever feel the desire to have anything mounted, can also do laminating to preserve older prints and can mount them to board. We can also do prints off digital images, so you can send stuff by email or have it blown up and enhanced.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Hey Paul I got my monthly ABC2 Update and here is what was in the e-mail for the Late Night Legends programme

    12 March: 1970 Byford Trial/1971 Men's Championship
    13 March: 1978 Six Hour Production Race/International Rally
    14 March: 1979/81 International Rally
    15 March: 1985 Swann Series

    Now ABC Media are famous for not knowing what they are sending out so I assume most of the above is of the four wheeled variety but I'm thinking the 6 hour prody might be '"that race" and the Swann series is kinda obvious.

    I'll post more details in a proper thread when the nights get closer and the info pops up on the Foxtel EPG which is usually pretty accurate.
  9. How long did the trye change take??

    Well at least some of them :cool:
  10. Tyre change took 1 minute 14 seconds.

    The Honda team were later forced to do a change on the CBX-1000 because their rear tyre was shot, their stop, unpracticed, and on a chain-drive bike, took 4 minutes 10 seconds.
  11. Found a bit more info on another (4 wheeled) Forum.

    Week 19, Two-wheeled Racers

    * 73. March 12 – Byford trial/Men's Championship 1971

    The Bikes have always been popular in Australia and interest was at a high during the 70s. In this episode we storm over to Western Australia for the Motorcycle trial at Byford and then to South Australia for the 1971 Men's Scramble Championships.

    * 74. March 13 – 6 Hour Production Race 1978/Rally

    In 1978, the bikes were revving for the Six Hour Production Race at Sydney's Amaroo Park. Before the motors cool down, we head to the 1978 International Rally.

    * 75. March 14 – International Rally 1979/81

    In this episode Late Night Legends revisits the 1979 Castrol International Rally, which took place in Canberra, and The Descent On The Mountain from 1981.

    * 76. March 15 - Swann Series 1985

    The Swann series comprised the major Aussie bike races, held in Melbourne, Sydney and Surfers Paradise. Tim Lane hosts the highlights of the whole series, including the first use of bike-cam on Wayne Gardner's Honda.

    I can see Paul (Hornet600) staying up to watch it on these nights.
  12. INDEED. I don't have cable, but I DO have a digital STB and ABC2 comes in loud and clear.

    I should mention that I got a very courteous email back from the nice folks at Teammoto, asking if I would be interested in supplying some old racing pics, and perhaps some commentary as well. I just might do it, too.

    I THINK that Canberra Rally coverage features the most amazing 'save' I've ever seen, as Colin Bond drags his BDA Escort round a long fast bend with all but the left front tyre on the road, and the other three wheels hanging off the edge over a LONG drop!!! It's worth watching just for those couple of seconds. (And he never backed off for a heartbeat!!!)