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1976 Australian TT

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by sidecar55, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. \\:D/ I just scored a program in good condition from the Australian TT held at Avalon in 1976! Lots of old names in it & has the winners & place getters names written in. $10 !!!!!!!!!

  2. Aren't you going to name a few so the usual mob can start up again? ;-)
  3. I also have the programme, but I bought it for a couple of bucks at the gate. What a great meeting that was.

    I think that my bookkeeping skills weren't as great back then and I didn't fill in all the results. I might get in contact and see if I can fill in the details that are missing.

    Good buy at ten bucks!

  4. Well???

    You could at least scan some pages and post them up, I mean, really :roll: :LOL:
  5. [​IMG]

    Well, there's the front cover, for a start!!
  6. a tad large for people running lower resolutions, though. 1024x768, please? :)
  7. Just made it that big so that people of advanced years and failing eyesight could read it...
  8. So was it held at Avalon (as per thread title) or Laverton RAAF base (as per programme cover)??

    As a side note the Laverton RAAF base (aka RAAF Williams) runway complex is now slowly being turned into housing (Williams Landings). I can remember going to a couple of air shows there in the 70's but until I saw it mentioned here a while ago never realised they had racing out there.
  9. The race was definitely held at the RAAF Base at Laverton, I can assure you of that. There was a controversy about this in "Old Bikes Australia" magazine as well, but there is no doubt it was Laverton. I'm guessing that the Avalon thing came about because Avalon is the nearest town???

    On that subject, I was told on the weekend that garage bays at Oran Park are being sold to people who want a piece of nostalgia. Dunno the price, though.
  10. Of course Point Cook RAAF had the 1948 Australian Grand Prix held there which is a bit before our time.

    Laverton & Point Cook are both part of RAAF Williams these days and Point Cook being the home of the RAAF's excellent aircraft museum.

  11. Sorry to dig up an old thread but I stumbled across this on the WWW and thought it would close off this thread nicely, or get Hornet fired up ;)

  12. Oh I thought you meant Avalon on the Northern Beaches in NSW and I was thinking how the hell would they would manage that..

    Got me thinking... Imagine if they closed off West Head road for a weekend and did time trials along that beautiful stretch.... 12km of beautifully paved high speed sweepers.... Just gotta watch out for bush turkeys :\
  13. That's not a bad idea, I love West Head, no traffic, no Po Po, excellent tarmac etc. My favorite local road.