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VIC 1976 and earlier models with 1 mirror?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by shady_knife, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. whats the law regarding bikes that are the year 1976 and earlier allowed to have 1 (not two) mirror? or is that just bullshit?

  2. National Transport Commission (Road Transport Legislation – Vehicle Standards) Regulations 2006

    From Schedule 2, Part 5, Division 1, Rule 35

    35 Rear vision mirrors

    (1) A rear vision mirror or mirrors must be fitted to a motor vehicle as required by this rule so that a driver of the vehicle can clearly see by reflection the road behind the vehicle and any following or overtaking vehicle.

    (2) At least 1 rear vision mirror must be fitted to:

    (a) a car; and

    (b) a motor trike with 2 front wheels; and

    (c) a motor bike, or motor trike with 1 front wheel, built before July 1975.

    (3) At least 1 rear vision mirror must be fitted to each side of:

    (a) a motor vehicle with a GVM over 3.5 tonnes; and

    (b) a motor bike, or motor trike with 1 front wheel, built after June 1975.
  3. Vicroads specify pre 1981 for general roadworthiness.

    Interestingly, most new KTM dirt bikes I see only have one mirror.
  4. What is the reasoning behind this rule?
  5. Mate, you're asking about reasoning and rules? You need to take a long hard look at yourself. :D
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  6. Good point.
  7. Design rule changes, you only need to comply with design rules current at the time of the vehicle manufacture. They try not to force you to retrospectively make changes after you have bought a vehicle if rules change.

    Lots of other examples, lapbelts verses sash belts in cars.
    Centre stop lights on cars.
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  8. Maybe because when roads were almost all single lane there wasn't much point in a left mirror. I used to take mine off when I lived in a rural area. Plod chastised me once but didn't write a ticket.

    I vaguely recall some older cars not having a passenger side wing mirror as well.
  9. Simply because motorcycles manufactured after July 1975 are built to comply with Australian Design Rules.

    If a motorcycle was built before 1931 and only used in daylight hours, or built before 1946 and used mainly for exhibition purposes, it is not required to be fitted with
    headlights or reflectors.

  10. Correct, my '72 Fairlane only had one mirror on the drivers side, legal because it was factory spec
  11. You only need one for Rec Reg