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1975 Yamaha ag175 restoration project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by MYOMNOMS, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. G'day gentlemen, and the one or two ladies that float around here :p

    Yesterday I picked up a 1975 Yamaha ag175 stroke farm bike, it hasn't been started in 10 years, when I picked it up I couldn't see any metal through all the filth and the petrol tank had nothing but dust in it when I opened it (after a can of RP-7, I'm too cheap for WD-40). The seat, well, what seat? I'm just lucky that the piston and cylinder aren't seized over!

    I hope to restore it to pristine condition, And possibly modify the crap out of it and make myself a cafe racer.

    I'll pop up every now and then to chronicle the process, for the 5 of you who, like me, worship 2 strokes as the gods of engines we know them to be!

    Pictures of day 1 will be up when I find my damn iPhone cable!

    ,Thanks for reading
  2. Found it!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. You're not the only nut who's had this idea. New air filter, clean carb and exaust, fresh oil and plug. Watch out for the oil pump leaking, and beware the cheapo front brake switches, the pins tend to bend after a month or so and leave your brake light lit up.
  4. Why do I love old bikes so much... I gotta get myself my own project one of these days.
    Subscribed :popcorn:
  5. join the fun,
    which reminds me i should update the progress on my xr :)
  6. I have 3 DT175's for the kids. They are such great bikes and start first kick everytime. Great project
  7. No, no, not a cafe racer.
    These bikes are historic, well kind of.
    In 1974, 3 of these bikes were used in an expedition to ride the Canning stock route.
    This was years before it became a tourist destination and many thought it wasn't possible.
    I was working in the Ken George Yamaha assembly workshop at the time and remember that the three of us working there got to assemble one each and got to keep the factory inspection tag to see how 'our' bike went.
    As I remember it, the original plan was for Suzuki, but they pulled out at the last moment and these fellows came knocking on KG's door.
    The bikes were delivered stock except for 21" front wheels swapped (or swiped) from DT175 bikes. The eventual buyers of these bikes got the 19" front wheels and optimistic speedos. You could get away with stuff like that then.
    The result was the team completed the trip in only a couple of days.

    I found a photo story on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/pschube/5435851560/in/set-72157625803329787/

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. The old memory is playing tricks. It seems the trip took considerably longer than I remember.
  8. I have also picked up an old AG175 which I hope to get working. Early problem is that the kids have removed and lost the ignition key,- does anyone know whether the six numbers on the ignition cylinder (3 on each side) are a way of getting another cut? Also, does anyone know where to access a manual for this bike?
    Lots of questions and few answers at this point......

  9. http://www.filemirrors.info/download_Yamaha+ag+175+service+manual.html
  10. Just take the barrel to a lock smith and they should be able to cut a kry from that. Bike this age they probably won't ask questions. And the engine would run on mine (well my 100 anyway) with the ignition unpluged, it just killed the lights.
  11. Update:

    So I finally got her running and holy f**k she's loud, it's beautiful! Now that I know the engine runs and all the major parts are in good order, it's time to start the restoration. I'm going to dismantle it completley and sand and repaint everything, clean it up until it's spotless then reassemble the whole thing and get her rec licensed!
  12. try and get the exaust de-carbed while you are at it. Will make it run a lot better and just slightly quieter...
  13. Please forgive me, but what does it mean to de-carb something? I honestly have no clue at all!
  14. look up the ass of your 175 with a torch, you will probably see a lot of carbon build up - all the black stuff - lots of old oil, muck and carbon that has been cooked to the inside of the pipe.

    De-carbing it means getting rid of the carbon. Easiest way to do this is to dump the entire pipe in a bath of engine cleaner for a while, or to pour it in the pipe if you can seal one end. Then you just have to find a way of dissposeing of the nasty crap that comes out.
  15. Your bike is probably missing the removable (for cleaning purposes) muffler baffle.
    Lots of these got taken out to make the bike noisier or fell out when the retaining screw loosened with vibration.