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1974 Honda CB400f race bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robwatkins, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. Hi, my name is rob from the UK. My hobby is saving old race bikes from the scrap heap. At present i am restoring a 1974 honda cb400f race bike. I was told that this bike originated in Australia and was used for racing its entire life and never road registered. I would love a little history of the bike but have hit a dead end as the person that i got the bike of has moved to France and i have no contact details. The only thing i have is the frame number which is, CB400F 1077544. In the uk we can get history from Honda uk but that is just for british registered bikes, i am hoping that someone with a little know might be able to assist, if not, don't worry and thankyou for taking the time to read my post. Thankyou and keep on biking, Rob.

  2. Hi hornet, thanks for that but i have emailed both of those plus more and never got a reply so i thought i would mail the people that i know will respond, the bikers of the world, at least with you bikers out there. even if you can't help you will try, its just a trait of the biking community. Thanks again and keep that right hand down.
  3. Send me some pics, chassis number etc, any info that might identify the bike and I'll ask around for you......
  4. Hi Hornet, i'll get some photos taken and put them on, The frame number is, CB400F 1077544. Thanks for your help, Rob.
  5. I might have some pics for you today: I took some photos of a race 400 at a meeting we ran in Canberra in 1981 and my brother is sending them to me....
  6. Hi Hornet, That would be fantastic, You don't by any chance remember any of the riders. If we could mach the bike to a rider it would be great if we could somehow contact them and update them on thier once loved race bike. Thanks for everything that you are doing to help. Regards, Rob.
  7. File 25-02-2016, 6 49 19 AM.
    File 25-02-2016, 6 49 04 AM.

    The rider's name was Greg Taylor, and I believe the bike was built by a Japanese guy named Masaki...

    It was usually raced with number 53
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  8. Groovy 70s leathers :D.
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  9. Hi Hornet, hope the photo comes through ok. As you can see by the photo. mine was built in the style of the works honda's. I think that the spondon rear end was put on in the UK but i might be wrong and it could have been raced with it in Australia. I don't know what you, or others think of the bike but i quite like it as when you consider that a few months ago it was heading for the scrap bin. The motor is a 400cc but has been re sleeved and bored to 450cc and has race pistons fitted. There's not a lot left to do to her and i can't wait to hear the sound of them four exhausts ripping out that lovely sound of straight through four pipes. Thanks, Rob. honda bike.JPG
  10. Beautiful. I'll ask around...
  11. Hi Hornet, thanks for that, Glad the photo downloaded ok. I know that it was raced here in the uk in the classic and forgoton era's and got some good results but i would just love to find out where she started life and if she had any success. As you other members can see, Hornet is trying to help me but if any of you have any information at all it would be very helpful to me and also to Hornet. then perhaps if you don't have time to follow any leads i'm sure that with Hornets help we will get somewhere. My main aim is to find out which rider rode her in her early days, where she was raced and did she have any good finishes down in Australia, I have done bikes in the past and the original owners have seen them and have been reunited with their bikes and that makes me feel better than seeing these lovely bikes being rode again. Thanks Hornet and thanks to everyone else that takes time to look. Regards, Rob.