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1972 Honda XL250 - Kick start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by booga, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    My turn to post in here :p

    I have the above mentioned bike, and its kick start only... Trouble is, the kick starter and the idle (?) shaft have both splines stripped :cry:

    A few ideas have been thrown around by stewy and myself about cutting of the stripped bit of the shaft and welding on a bolt, or even drilling two holes through the shaft and kicker and putting split dowels in to hold it all together.

    Problem is, the metal working guy (from a welding place) said they could do the precision drilling (for around $50), but the shaft would be too weak to carry on much more life... similar to the welding idea...

    I've also been thinking of having someone remake the shaft, and clean up the kicker (the kicker spline is the better of the two).

    Does anyone have any other ideas, or can someone recomend a place to either do the drilling or make up a new shaft for me?

  2. There is stuff out there like ' liquid metal'. Sorry cant think of the brand.
    You apply a release agent on the shaft, apply the paste inside the kick start, slive onto shaft... what for it to cure. 1-2 days.
    Remove kickstart and do the same. ( ie release agent on kick start, paste on shaft ).
    Not sure if this will prove a permanent fix tho
  3. have you just tried sourcing the part? They were making the xls well into the 80s and my bet would be it had common parts with other capacity xl's. Can't really help ya otherwise. Not familiar with fitters and turners in melboure.
  4. Try a Honda dealer first. As someone has already said parts for old Hondas are frequently readily available.

    Second source: wreckers. There are some which cater to vintage dirt bikes. Try Just Bikes or Motorcycle Trader.


    Trevor G
  5. Hey,

    Thanks, but I was told by Scumbag, who works at Metro that Honda would charge an arm and a leg for these, IF they had any stock. Update: shaft will cost $100ish, kicker will cost $400ish :evil:
    May have to try cleaning up the kicker and making sure it bites down hard, even if i try that liquid metal stuff on the kicker, just to add some extra binding.

    Pity i dont know if the other years were the same, but looking on this database, i'd say it has associations with the same bike of similar years:
    However the wreckers i called should have known it was the same bike.
    I could get it from that site at AU$170+shipping :roll:

    As I've mentioned, I've also tried wreckers, get prices upward of $80 (and there were very few of wreckers selling these parts), but thinking that this was last option as the bike hasn't been started in a while, and dont want to strip these parts as well :( )
    So unless someone can lend me a Race bike starter (one that sits under the back wheel to start the bike on demand), and then i put better parts on it once running and tuned.
    Not wanting to throw money down the drain really... :(
  6. Learn to roll start it? :p
  7. Take it to simsmetal. Crusher time.
  8. Find a bigger engine and shove that in there instead.
  9. I was actually thinking if the 350 would fit in the frame, but thought a wrecker would want too much for it anyway...

    And to think we were going to name it after you ;)

    Thats funny... and sad... I used to work for the company on boundary road, dingley, that became Sims...
    But no, wont be doing that... After bugging Scumbag for a bit, we were able to break down the diagram and just the bits i actually need will be about $160 new, so unless i get the 2nd hand parts for half that then i'll go new, after using some vice grips just to get it running ;) :LOL:
  10. Fair enough. Cheap fun is still fun.
  11. Ok,
    I'n prep to roll start it, what should be done first... Besides find a long hill :p

    1) oil her up (cos shes dry atm)
    2) fuel her up (but the petcock leaks a lil, so will get replacement seals for that sooner than later)
    3) pour some fuel into the carbies to get her going
    4) replace spark plug
    5) half a can of 'start-ya-batsard'

    Anything i've forgotten?
  12. hehe tie the forks to your ute car and get a mate to pull u around for a while till it starts.

    Works for me.
  13. Guy at work just sold his 76 model Dave. He bought heap of bits for his when he restored it and said ebay USA is your friend. Otherwise, unfortunately as you would be aware, you just missed the hard rubbish in Mitcham :LOL:
  14. SHE LIVES!!!... (after i had the brainstorm that the ingition should be in the on, position :oops: )

    Yes, thats right, she kicked over and reved for a lil bit after being pushed down the driveway :grin:

    Now to get her running properly... :)