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1971 Kawasaki G4TR Trail Bike

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Declant, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. I currently have a 1971 Kawasaki G4TR Trail Bike.

    It hasn’t been started in 20+ years and back in its youth the bike was stolen, so the ignition has had work done to it (the extent to which i don’t know)

    I Put some regular unleaded petrol in and managed to get some smoke and nearly thought it was going to fire up.

    I’m happy to take it to a mechanic, however if the fix is a ‘DIY’ kind of thing, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. I used to have the model before this as a teenager. Do you have a spark? I cant remember if this model had cdi ignition or points? If it has points start with replacing them and also try the condensor. I'm also not sure if you should be using unleaded fuel though.
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  4. The carb is almost certainly fouled with sediment. Particularly the pilot jet. A blocked pilot jet can make it just about impossible to start.
    From the spec sheet it has points. Good. These are simple tech. Does the bike have spark? With a bike that age, condenser is a likely culprit. Coil too. Get a new spark plug as a matter of course.
    Make sure the oiling system works before you even think about starting it. I would also add some premix oil to the fuel just for now, just in case. If you bugger the disc valve I don't like your chances of getting parts.
    If all checks out but still won't start, try push starting. I've had to push some of these old strokers maybe 50m before they will light up.
  5. Also worth doing a compression check. Could have a broken ring or stuffed crankcase seals. Do you know why it was left so long?
  6. It was left for so long because the old owner was my cousins dad, he stopped riding for whatever reason, put it in the garage and hasnt looked at it since really, me and my cousin were over there, saw it, and thought we should try and get it working.
    Getting new spark plugs tomorrow, will try and do some diagnosis from the dead ones with the help of
  7. According to that second table, we have oil fouling, as at least one of the issues, as when we replaced the spark plug, it had sticky oil on it, helped, now when kicked it rolls over a bit more, when started on a roll, we got a deeper nicer sound, but still not much, also brake light is lighting up when we kick start, even when the brake isnt on, probably to do with the dodgy wiring.