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1970's safety video

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by tim, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. #1 tim, Oct 26, 2011
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    This is actually quite funny seeing the 70's attitude towards riding a bike. Quite a bit diffrent now, worth a watch.


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  2. "What a beautiful motorbike day!" :rofl:

    Lol @ the group riding segment.

    Still a very good video, I liked how he turned his bike around on its centre stand hehe. I wonder what they did for the onboard video.
  3. haha very old but still very relevant....very smooth rider

    thanks for posting
  4. "There are three different ways of going around a bend:

    pressing down the bike, which doesn't help much;

    trying to copy the racing style;

    and doing it the normal, elegant way."

    "There is no doubt, that the normal style is the most attractive."

    Hear hear!
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  5. "Well friends, have a good time and see you soon!" I love all those old-timey instructional videos

    What did they mean by pressing down the bike? And how does it differ from the normal elegant style?
  6. I wonder if he was referring to some people's confused belief that leaning the bike is what makes it turn. Especially those who think that leaning off the bike is what makes it turn.

    Sit up, look smart, and smoothly push - counter-steer - on the bars.
  7. I came across the video in the OP today via a random path and came here to post it up... thought I'd do a search first though... and found this thread.

    This vid is a ripper! :)
  8. Is that Helmut Dahne by any chance?
  9. Back when I got my licence if that video was shown to me (it was made about the same time) it would've been considered as an "advanced riders course"...

    Just wish that it was filmed in the UK. (left side of the road)...