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1964 Honda dream

Discussion in 'Older / Classic Bikes' started by czed, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. I am looking for information on where to get bike parts restored as I have just bought a 1964 Honda dream 250 and plan to restore the bike

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  2. Thanks for hints and links Chris
  3. No worries, hope it helps. madunclemaduncle or bikeboybikeboy are people to talk to about Honda restorations. They have both done multiple projects with some beautiful results.
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  4. Happy to help with any advice you're after, but not much help with vendors in your neck of the woods I'm afraid. Find yourself a good powdercoater, and electroplater for your chrome/zinc replating, and most will also polish your alloy. Don't make the mistake of chroming everything. Many fasteners are zinc-plated. Do you plan to strip the motor? These respond well to vapour-blasting. Paint on these early bikes is fairly basic, so maybe you want to tackle that yourself? Wheels? Good enough or re-chrome? I wouldn't bother re-finishing spokes, just get replacements-all over ebay. Like Chris says, ebay will become your friend for all sorts of things - from cables to clutch plates. I also get heaps of stuff from David Silver Spares in the UK. Postage isn't horrendous if you're organised.
    Make sure you keep us updated.