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1953 Maicoletta 250

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. Hey Guys,

    WOW!!! I just found out my Dad has a 1953 Maico Letta 250 sitting under the house at home. It is in pieces at the moment but he has EVERY single part for it and it's just ready to be put back together. He also has a side car for it. WOOO HOOO that is going to be one fun re-store project when he gets it out.

    It is a 250cc single engine and has a 3 speed gearbox (with normal clutch, NOT twist and go)
    http://www.cybermotorcycle.com/gallery/maico/Maicoletta 250.htm


  2. Something to do on those wet and dark winter days. Time to start fixing it up and we'll see you down here in Melbourne on the first leg of your round Australia tour...:LOL:

  3. You LUCKY bastard !!
    Remember one of those, neighbour had one and the whole family went out for weekend trips...with the chair, too.
    Then they bought a GoGo...and NO, NOT the Dart :LOL:
  4. Ol' Skool ;)

    Good luck and keep us posted with details!
  5. Fixed up nicely that things probably worth a fortune.
  6. Wow, you lucky dog. That is a great resto project. Stuff like that, becasue of its rarity, especially here in Australia, will be worth a lot of money when complete.

    Would love to see the photos as the resto progresses.
  7. Josh lives here in Wollongong, we can go and SEE it!!!
  8. Fantastic! I know soemone in Adelaide who rides one and has doen a lot of work on them, I could probably put you in touch if you needed.
  9. Dont know about giving advise to someone that is going to do a restore, its false hoping telling them they are going to make a fortune when they finish it and usual spend more than they should. Restore it only because you want to bring it back to life or it means somthing to your family. I have as fully restored maicoletta (i live in Adelaide - and yes thier are others) and it has an original trades man side car and i reckon i would be lucky to have an offer over $3,000 grand. So unless you willing to piss money away (or would like to offer me $4,000) i suggest use your head and use it as experiance and not a money making venture unless someone is willing to put a deposit down on it before you start. good luck they are sexy bikes. :D
  10. Ps i have some vespa parts for sale on Ebay, and a couple of scoots if you know any one interested, check out seller ----> baggypants 69