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193kmh and disqualified

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Hoski, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. heraldsun.com.au

    Motorcyclist caught speeding at 193km/h in Port Melbourne
    January 25, 2011 3:41PM

    A HOON motorcyclist has been clocked travelling at 193km/h in Port Melbourne, more than three times the speed limit.

    Police from Melbourne highway patrol lost sight of the motorbike just after 8am in Lorimer St today.

    But a short time later the rider and his motorcycle were found at an industrial site in Ingles St.

    The 32-year-old, who had a disqualified licence, has previously had his motorcycle impounded.

    His motorcycle was impounded for 48 hours under the hoon legislation and he is expected to be charged on summons with a number of traffic offences.

  2. someone's going to say it

    he must have been stuck in second :LOL:
  3. He stopped, there's the issue.
  4. He had to stop eventually, but with form like that I doubt it mattered where.
  5. :) at least i dont have to worry about getting stuck in second and hitting 193 my bike struggles to do 160 in 6th
  6. Err, probably because at 193kph, Lorimer St wouldn't last too long.....
  7. lol I was wondering just that since I don't know the street - interesting he was caught at an industrial site in another street though...
  8. Lorimer streets actually pretty long & I quietly shat myself when I read that, I ride down there most days!

    Then I remembered I rode my pushy today (& they had already got the guy) =D>

    At least he's going out in style (again :rofl:), none of this 1 point, 2 point bullshit.
  9. I think I'd rather the 1 or 2 points bullshit then my bike impounded.
  10. Thats faster than my wr250x
  11. Obviously the speed limit needs to be increased as he rode at that speed safely with no incident.
  12. Yeah if you're going to do it don't go half assed. Go fully assed like this guy.
  13. It must have been a scooter, Mine gets 206 kph in second gear,Hahahahahahaha
  14. 193kmh and no puppies died?

  15. The wallies probably already knew who he was before they got him. I bet my left nut he was on HIS bike. His helmet and jacket that they pulled him over last time on.
    Just cause they have not caught you does not mean they dont know who you are. Your playing up in their back yard. Thier office. And there out there every day. And not always in a marked car or even a uniform.
    I love my bikes and I certainly love my speed. But 200 clicks in an urban zone is just being a ****witt...full stop. It's not hero shit. It's just a fool showing his cards.
  16. I like how they emphasise hoon in all caps, seriously, **** heraldsun, whilst I am in this jolly mood, **** news.com.au and daily shitgraph and every other shitty biased "news" source, disgrace to journalism. /end rant.

    btw, he was stuck in 2nd.
  17. I agree with bretto. Regardless of the safety or otherwise of the act, drawing attention to yourself in such a manner, when you already have form, is not smart.
  18. No, but 2 dozen kittens did.
  19. The guy is a certified d*ckh**d and should be off the road for ever!

    I can't believe people are taking shots at the media for calling him a hoon! A person with no regard for the lives of others is what he is. He is exactly the reason why motorcyclists get a bad name.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you want to ride like that, take it to the track!
  20. Hmm. I ride like that, and on a suspended license, and on an unregistered bike, and not wearing gear beyond a lid and gloves. The road is my race track, you mad? It must kill you that after all that bleating, you can't do shit about it.