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190mm vs 180mm tyres

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by xzibit, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Hi All

    Just wondering is there a big difference in handling between 190/55 and 180/55 tyres? I was told 180/55 is better around the corners.

  2. True

    The tighter radius makes it easier to "roll" into a corner.
  3. Do you mean 190/50 (instead of 190/55)?

    Almost all 190 tyres you can buy will be 190/50, and yes, the 180/55 tyres are quicker to turn in, while the 190/50 tyres require more effort, but the 190/50 tyres also allow you to use more throttle when leaned over, whereas the 180/55 will spin up more easily.

    You can buy 190/55 tyres (I have one on my bike now), and they are every bit the "best of both worlds".
  4. just branchin g from this... not hijacking.
    is $300 a decent price for a rear 180/55/17?
    looking at either a diablo or pilot power.
  5. im sure u can find it cheaper - i think i paid about 280 fitted
  6. Where abouts imajo?
    I got a quote from Bikemart Ringwood. They don't do fitting until 15th, the guy's on holidays. Happy to pay the extra few dollars since Bikemart have always looked after me.
  7. Wouldn't you get 10% off the $300 making them only $270 as a netrider member.
  8. true, but fitting is extra.
  9. I just picked up an ex-race supercorsa for $150. Gotta get it fitted now...
  10. Tyres Plus 61 Bond Street Ringwood quoted me $280 Pilot Power 180/55/17, $205 Pilot Power 120/70/17 Fitted and Balanced. Phone 9879 8489 Michael Halliday

    I can also get them wholesale price from Queensland if theres numbers of.