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18K service time allready

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User6, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. well on the 20 march give or take a day or two i picked up the storm with 11,697 on the clock
    last night clocked 19,000k's on the dial
    so since that time I have put on 7300 k's in 70 days
    Thats work , a couple of rides and general work horse dutys .

    Got pete to check it over last week and he is doing my 18K service (little bit late :D only by 10 days)
    Question is
    1. How long would it take you in NORMAL run of the mill travelling to clock up 7000+ K's ?
    2. what did you have to do for your 18k?
    3. what did it cost you ?

  2. Nice Work Glen,

    On the bike, 7000 kays would take me about a year!!

    Work car 2 months!!

    I think the 18000 kay service for the VTR 1000 is one of the larger ones. I will check my service book and get back to you if you want. I don't think the valves need checking until 24000 kays?

    I would definetely get Pete to change the brake/clutch fluid though. I am making a habit of freshening these up every 6 months now, and it makes the world of difference to your braking.
  3. 1. Well normal for me includes a return trip Sydney/Albury most weekends cause thats where im from and all me mates are there. Plus about 300ks during the week to and from work. So thats about 1400ks i spose. Sometimes i do take the car though if its gonna be wet and none of me mates are gonna wanna go for a ride.

    2. Cant help ya out with servicing and shit cause i only have a little zzr :D
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  5. I have covered 20,000km in the last 8 months.....

    While living in the US, covered 20,000miles in 3 months.
  6. Probably the same as you Glen . I do 500 klm per work travelling to and from work and the rest is made up from weekend rides .
  7. Puts on best english coockney accent
    Luxury! :LOL:
    When I was a child, my Dad had to ride 500 miles per day just so he could bring home 10 pence to feed me and my 10 brothers and sisters all living in a one bedroom shack :LOL:
  8. A shack? You lucky lucky bastard! :LOL:
  9. Before I had the off, I'd done 3600k in three months. Not bad for a learner that hadn't ridden on the roads prior to this. I'm about 1200km behind where I probably would be as I didn't get the bike back on the road until last Tuesday (and I fell off a month prior to that)
  10. Service outcome
    well pete done my service today .
    Picked up the bike and she flys
    running like a dream and pete losened up the throttle and did a few other little things on it also.
    air cleaner looked like a pool filter , plugs (irridium type) were all jammed up .
    new oils, new parts and It feels tight , smooth and fast .

    so ladies and gents , if you have to get your work done and done properley without being ripped off , pete is the man to see.

    if you want his details , pm me or ask me at coffee or pete
    if not ring him on his mobile 0409169478 .

    But check pete out before you go too them service shops and save your $$ and hassles by getting it done right the first time.
  11. call in the next 20 minutes to receive a free set of steak knives :LOL:

    Once again, another positive testemonial for Pete - I'm thinking about riding down just to get him to do a decent service on the R6 - good mechanics are... wait... good, honest mechanics are few and far between.
  12. Wow you must be a seriously big doood now

    Hmm with what may one ask ?

    You travel alot in your work then ?

    Shack , luxury , we used to liv in shooe box in middle of the road :)

    Oh well 130k service coming up soon it never stops does it :(
  13. And there was this one time that I rode 200 km without stopping or anything
  14. I even travel alot during the week :LOL: . Thx for picking that up Helina :p :wink:
  15. It's not the kays that count but how fast you do em. :D