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QLD 182kmp/h mono Caught by speeding camera

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bretto61, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Ha ha yup. Sheeeeez. I know it sounds bad. It is. But it was funny.
    Went for a Quick ride yesterday with a few mates.
    It was great. There was ten of us. All 40+ and normally quite sensible.
    Luckily I had been asked by a couple to have a look at them. Help them with a few probs.
    So we were not going a rapid rate. I was just taking it easy with them showing them nice safe lines, how light they should be on the bike stuff like that. And sure enough we came across a camera. A car had flashed us so we knew one was near.
    About two K's up the road were our mates :) And two police cars.
    Old mate had just got his New Bmharharthou. This guy can ride
    Yeah. That camera got him @182kmp/h on the back wheel. And radioed ahead.
    They took his license strait away. Told him he could not ride his bike and to forget having a license for a very long time. The bike was impounded for 24hours.
    He had been done for 130 in a 100 zone only two weeks earlier and was out of points anyway.
    We were having a ball. he was pleading with the cops and we were laughing at him. Are those pipes legal sir ??? is that tail tidy legal lol. He wanted to kill us ha ha. We were going ask them to lock him up for the laugh... but after some thought we all thought they just might.
    Must say by the end the plod was laughing with us. This guy needs his license ha ha. No chance of even a day one I reckon.
    So anyway the ticket is an instant suspension one. No time. And no fine on it.
    The plod said the judge will make those calls.
    We said the cop cant work out that many zero's ha ha.
    So pretty good really. All seven were at a rapid pace and only the one on one wheel was pinged. He was a bit in front though. They would have known I reckon. Boys will be boys.
    So what do you think ??? What will the damage be ????
    Two years and three grand is my call

  2. That sucks.

    I really have a serious issue with the complete lack of due process wherein a cop can suspend your license on the spot, incidentally.
  3. I have no idea on the damage here, but geez Bretto - at 182Kmh on the back wheel, I think I'd like for you to "have a look" at me sometime...
  4. Wasn't me :)....this time
    The boys I play with can ride. And we are all fossils ha ha
  5. Hehe maybe you could help me actually achieve fossildom then ;)
  6. I don't really condone it. It was stupid and even more stupid is where he did it.
    Coming into a town called Woodford. Great NY festival and a pie shop that's it. A lot of bikes stop at that pie shop though.
    And that is well known to the plod on the weekend. God the route we went is littered with them. I even remember murmours of ok it's the weekend we are just cruising. lmfao.
    Get some large doses of testosterone together and a few lethal weapons.....eeeek.
    It was dumb and probably the only time they were at that speed. But that's all it takes.
  7. ...got a photo? For memories sake...
  8. I spose he will get one yes...It would be the evidence. Thinking it might make the local rag. @ least when he goes to court. Hoping lol
  9. I think you are confusing discretion with due process.
    The copper followed "due process", he suspended the licence in accordance with the law.

    180+ on the back wheel?
    Thats pushing it a wee bit.....
  10. So no one else got caught by the camera? That is lucky.
  11. Well no one else lost their license on the spot. They think they have gotten away with it.
    God I will laugh at the depot if some reggies arrive for them from the plods lol
  12. group rides

    bringing out the best in all of us

    Seriously, we just love to show off don't we?

    I guess he's got some lifestyle adjustments coming up :LOL:
  13. "can i get a copy of that"
  14. Sorry, I used the wrong term perhaps, but I think that punishments should be meted out by the courts, not by the police.
  15. Yes, I bet the police never even saw the pic, so we are now getting punished on the word of some untrained lackey.
  16. thats an expensive pic, might as well pose for playboy lol
  17. How fast was the camera going?
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  18. We can not confuse QLD speed cameras with those South of us. Up here they are manned by on duty police officers, normally of SC rank or above, from traffic branch. Not civvies from a contracting firm.
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  19. My mistake
  20. Makes contesting them more difficult. Not impossible.
    If it makes the paper I will post who he was or the clip. Only reason he walked away and was not locked up was he was who he was I would say.