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$180 Wireless mini camera and recorder kit

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Takamii, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Found this unit on ebay

    seems that the capabilities are okay for the price might be a decent unit

    the camera would fit on the bike or in the helmet along the cheek pad jaw line ( measured it in my helmet and tuck the antenna under the cheek pad

    The recorder unit could fit in your pocket under your seat in your bag - it also supports up to 8gb sd card or a usb stick or even a 40gb external hard drive
    640x 480 + INFRARED

  2. looks ok to me
  3. I reckon the image quality would be pretty crappy through the pinhole.

    I would think it'd be better getting one with a better lens that records locally (like a VHoldR or something) rather than worry about transmitting the signal for no real benefit.

    But if it's cheap enough, maybe you'll think it's worth a shot. If you do, post up an example of the footage...
  4. I have a 1080p VHoldR.
    I record at 720p/60fps and the image is perfect. The 60fps really helps when recording on the move.
  5. I've got one of those vadoHD which vloggers seem to be using. Simple, does the job and priced reasonable (from the US).

  6. but those r like $500-$600 =\
  7. It doesn't look like it's designed for motor-sport use, which means it will have poor or non-existent image stabilisation and slow video capture. The resulting video will be shaky and skippy, probably unwatchable.