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18 Wheeler Woolworths truck on Old Pac

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by toadcat, Sep 10, 2010.

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    I was on youtube and managed to stumble across this video:


    A Woolworths fully laden 18 wheeler on the Old Pac cutting blind corners and going completely into other lanes and nearly taking out several bikes in the process. What the ****??

    Why on earth would he be driving on the Old Pac considering the freeway runs alongside it? Avoiding the checking station? :-s
  2. A Current Affair or Today Tonight would have a field day with this.
  3. I agree that he shouldn't have been there but in fairness it didn't look too bad, he mainly took liberty on the road when it seemed he had a good view ahead.

    I'd have just pulled up and stretched the legs rather than follow him all the way up though.
  4. I didn't see him nearly take out anything, although the potential was there... btw, it's a 22 wheeler...
  5. Not the first time I've met that bloke. He's nearly hit me once before.
  6. Don't know that road but is there a need for a wooolworths truck to use it? Are there towns with a woolies that are serviced on that road?
  7. If you're on u-tube, search bike crash and see what comes up. Gee there are some idiots out there..
  8. Not that I can think of. It runs alongside a major freeway which has heavy vehicle check stations which I think he was trying to avoid possibly.
  9. There is a heavy vehicle checking station on the old road too.
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    Yeah, you have to pass one to get out onto the main part of the pac.

    Just lost probably, nothing serious, he seemed to be being pretty careful given what he was driving.

    This is a good comparison, famous road in the US:

  11. meh, its just a truck. hardly deadly.

    i'd like to see someone keep fully in their lane driving that road in a truck. it wouldnt be worth the hassle.
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    thats insane.

    woolies truck pales in comparison
  13. i think you will find that he is legally allowed to have wheels over the double lines..

    wasnt any worse than the 4x4's on the local hills and they arent 35m long!
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    it gets better [URL="
  15. The ****ing **** shouldn't hold a truck driver's license, report it to Woolies, note the number plate, at least he won't be driving for them after that. Then forward to ACA.
  16. Really?
  17. Yes, it's a truck

    On some mountain roads it's impossible to keep a semi in lane.

    I do believe it only applies to trucks and similar vehicles like that semi, and within reason..
    You can't just drive on the wrong side of the road just cos you can if you know what I mean..
  18. im surprised he didnt go down Galston Gorge the morons
  19. i sure hope you don't break any road rules.... as by that logic if you do, you shouldnt have a licence :angel:

    he wasnt driving the truck hard or anything silly like that, you get alot worse on runs up to swifts creek in victoria. they treat it like a racetrack. but so do bikes, so its all cool. in fact, the truck driver was taking it overly easy i thought. so no need to go nuts there.

    did anyone die in the video? no. did anyone get run off the road? no. was the truck driver driving dangerously? no. were there laws broken? most likely.