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18 months later

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sphexish, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Just got bullied by Justus to do an introduction.

    Hi from Sydney :)
    Been riding for 18 months now had have gone through a few bikes during that period of time:

    2010 Megelli 250 - First ever bike, had a small crash 2 days in after not knowing how to make a turn, fuel line cut in half with petrol spilled all over head to toe, could have been toasted but luckily no sparks.
    2007 Hyosung 250R - Engine totally died within 2 weeks of purchase.
    2009 Suzuki SFV650 - Turned streetfighter with with a few mods, fabulous ride absolutely loved it, sadly had to sell due to personal circumstances.
    2009 Hyosung 650R - Bought it with intent to sell, switched hands and made small profit to get a summer textile jacket.

    Currently bikeless, still on my Ps however the missus will be getting her Ls in the next few months (woohoo) so will be looking for two bikes shortly. Looking for an opportunity for a CB400 at the right price for myself, and CBF250 or similar cheapie for the other half.

    Used to commute every day and that included the 3 months of torrential rain last summer, got myself into many too close for comforts, have enjoyed twisties on the Old Pacific and National Park. Completed CSS lvl 1 on the Gladius and scrubbed the chicken strip to oblivion after a few laps and the thrill was amazing, most definitely will get more riding under the belt, few more track experiences, and go and do lvl 2 and beyond.

    Hope to absorb lots of knowledge from this place.

    Cheers :)
  2. welcome
    I also got the nudge from justus to do an intro.
  3. Welcome to NR, good to see Justus is earning his keep(y)
  4. holy moly!

    I have a feeling i know you in person Sphexish! Are you by any chance a chatty bum?
  5. Welcome, and yes it is called the welcome lounge for a reason and our doorman is tough but fair, well most of the time :D
  6. Welcome both of yas!

  7. I don't think I like your tone pitiful little man, Billy the Bum is a chatty bum, he swore at me outside Chatty Chase a few weeks back, that is low :c

    P.S. Had an account here ages ago but can't for the life of me remember the email for it.

  8. Hahahah :ROFLMAO: Ahhhh billy the bum, haven't heard that name for ages. Any who, i suppose i should welcome you to the forum...Welcome!

    On a side note, I'll probably swing by and drop of windows on the weekend.

  9. Yes do that, bring the dock too! I'm looking at a few bikes as I always do, you may need to come for a ride with me to take a gander :)
  10. Welcome :D
    Grab a CB and join us in CB400 thread;)