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18 hour gap in my life... :/

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by DrSleepy, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Hi all, writing this from the trauma unit at my work after having a pretty serious off last Saturday (1/8) on the Wollombi road. Was just out for a relaxed ride, casing the road because I was planning to do it with a (red P) friend on Sunday so not really pushing hard at all. Remember coming up to a left-hander, then the next thing I was at work (a hospital) with my boss standing over me, thinking "that corner clearly didn't go as planned." Apparently I went wide and tried to climb through the windscreen of a Hyundai, although i have no memory of it. Ive also heard informally that I looked like I was avoiding something, which is kinda comforting as I'd like to think that running wide isn't something I'd do without reason, especially seeing as I wasn't speeding, pushing it, etc.

    So apart from the concussion, my injuries are a badly smashed right femur (now held together by a 400 mm nail), 4 pelvic fractures, smashed left forearm (2 plates) and multiple left wrist fractures (wired together). Escaped without major chest, abdominal or head & neck injuries and absolutely considering myself lucky to be here. Spent the last week in a haze of painkillers being looked after by my colleagues. Probably in hospital for another 2-4 weeks, off work for 4-6 months -- all being well of course! Unfortunately the bike looks pretty totalled. :(

    I will ride again, but not a day before I'm physically strong enough to do it -- probably after I've done some intensive rehab and back at work.

    Rant over... just needed to get it all off my chest. If anyone passed along the Wollombi Rd on Saturday afternoon and has any insight into what may have happened, I'd be pretty keen to hear!
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  2. Glad you're ok ... relatively speaking. It'd be handy to find out exactly what happened, assuming you can find a witness that saw enough or camera footage.
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  3. DrSleepyDrSleepy sounds like quite the ordeal, at least your spirit is intact. Sounds like some nasty injuries. I wish you a speedy recovery and all the best in the weeks/months ahead. I'm amazed that you could post on here considering the wrist injuries etc you had..

    Keep us up to date with your progress.

  4. Good to hear you're alive mate, the crash description sounds pretty harsh so I guess you can consider yourself lucky. Speedy recovery!
  5. Man what a day. Realy best of luck with rehab. Cant help myself but sudgest you ask them to take the 40cm nail out of your hip, sounds like it might be a wiper blade. :p
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  6. Sorry to hear about your ordeal mate. Hope you get better real soon. At least it must help being an MD (you can self medicate....).
  7. Glad you're OK, OP.
    There's a lot of unpredictable fauna on that road. Pretty much everyone who rides up that way has a tale to tell.

    Hope you heal up well.
  8. Ouch mate, sorry to hear this. Hope the rehab process goes well. Which bike is totaled, the Trumpy?
  9. 2-4 weeks at work without pay? Speak to your union!
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  10. Bad luck man, R & R for you for a while.
  11. Hoping for a speedy and full recovery,

    Hope you find out what caused you to be on the dark side of the stripes
  12. Damn dude that's rough. Hope you get better quickly.

    Also 4-6 months off work!!! Bugger, how does one make ends meet if something like that happens? Any form of insurance or cover?
  13. A Hyundai?? Have you no class whatsoever, Man??

    All the best, get well soon.
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  14. It's good to know you survived and have a timetable for recovery. Gaps in memory are not unusual when you have an accident, the brain strips down to fighting mode when in immediate danger, the flight or fight response. Adrenaline gets pumped in to your system for muscle response and the brains equivalent Noradrenaline gets flooded into your brain. Unfortunately it is known that floods of Noradrenaline can prohibit long term memories being laid down during that period. I stress this is my amateur reading on the subject medicos may phrase it better.

    All the best for your healing process, glad again that you are OK and hope you get out of hospital soon. (y)
  15. That's tough! Make sure you keep in contact with friends and family, the long term time off work etc becomes difficult. NR should help! Good luck!
  16. Owwwwwwch! Sorry to hear. Best wishes on a speedy recovery.

    Were there any witnesses who could shed light on what happened?
  17. Very sorry to hear about your off mate, sounds awful! Thank goodness you escaped only with few badly broken bones. Hope you do have enough sick leave and income protection, but up to 6 months of rehab, unable to ride, is a challenge. All the best with your recovery, and hopefully you will find out what actually caused your decision to get intimately acquainted with a Hyundai, not something you'd do in a hurry!
  18. Sorry to hear of your off. All the best for a full recovery mate.

    I spent four months off work once due to an injury (not motorcycles), I can recommend Sudoku puzzles.
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  19. Glad you're still around and should be able to fully recover (in time).
  20. Sheesh.
    Bike is broken, bones are broken...but it sounds like your spirt isn't broken, which is the most important.
    Best of luck with the recovery mate.
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