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18/4/12 long way home

Discussion in 'VIC' started by CFVFR, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. A few of us intend to do an unusual loop on the Weds.
    Class 4-5, for experienced road and unsealed road riders or those with a sense of adventure!! Dont intend on breaking (many) speed laws but because this involves 60kms plus of good condition unsealed twisties it may not be suitable to all.
    Meet, Beechworth Bakery Healsville at 0900 for 0930 Depart.
    Intended route, through Black Spur to Taggety up along the Eildon Road to Jamieson. Possible lunch stop there then its onwards to Kevington and onto the C511 Unsealed (sealed in parts) Woods point, Matlock ending up behind Marysville and home.
    Hows that for the LONG WAY HOME?

    Weather looks good so far.
    I have done this road on my old Viffer and while it is quite do-able, it is a tricky and technical piece of dirt.
    Any road riders just want to tag along as far as Kevington are quite welcome.

    Riders with the right attitude and ability are most welcome.
    Dont forget to bring a can of Mother for Johnno!

    Will post up some pics from the Viffer adventure later to get the juices going!


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  2. Oh!!!! So want to do VERY BADLY, I love unsealed roads!! But can we pleaaaase move the ride to the Wednesday after? Pretty please? Pay day is on that Wednesday and I'm already low on money...
  3. Dust addicts
  4. Damn straight :D
  5. :D :D :D

    Oh, and it has to be this week because more important than the weather on the day is the weather for over a week before the day....
    If you know what I mean... hahaha

    Besides, a few of us have already organised this wed off....
  6. Meh, it happens.....

    Biggles and I have been snorting around the dandys, Acheron Way, goat track from top of donna down to healesville...

    it sooths man..... it sooths.....

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  7. Sorry Kernal. extra days off for me are as rare as rocking horse poo.
    Looks like we have 7+ starters so far!
  8. IN..... fother muckers...... like flynn. Kernel, mate, beg steal, borrow, what ever you need to do man, just be there.

  9. Looking forward to this muchly.
  10. :-(((((((((( okay I'll see what I can scrape together :D
  11. I will make this ride. I WILL make this ride. I WILL MAKE this ride. I WILL MAKE THIS RIDE!!!

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  12. That makes a possible 9!
  13. BRAAAP! :demon:
    I can feel the dust flowing through my veins already...!!
  14. good move kernel.... see you wed

  15. Would love to invite myself along, but, what is a class 4-5 ride ? please forgive my ignorance.

  16. 91gpx, hi mate,
    Reason being mostly the ride up there will be on sealed twisties, at a reasonable pace. There will be a few of us that arnt great or not very experienced on dirt so the going along the unsealed part will be steady. Any experienced dirt riders fell free to do a lap or two. The c511 is quite tight in places but it is a logging road so most corners are on camber which makes it easier, even on a roadie.
    It could be quite tiring so would suggest that any folks that haven't done a full day ride that requires constant concentration may consider a bit of shorter distance practice at first.
    There are a number of riders coming along, so safety is important for all and with this in mind, there will be others keeping an eye out.
    Lots of pic opportunities and a few regroups along the way.
    Should be a fun day with a bit of difference!
    Well do corner marking if needed (not that there are to many intersections between Healy and Jamieson)!
    More the merrier!
  17. and dont forget a can of mother...... fer me. (entry fee)

  18. Have a look at Event/ride Calender on the left side of this page, Click on it,It has the levels on the right hand side of the page,

    4/5 is experienced riders, The bitumen bit is easy, but the dirt bit, Constant concentration for a long while,

  19. Its a shame all good rides happen on days i cant make!! I can only ride thursdays and fridays :(

    Well good luck guys... i'm sure you will have loads of fun!!(y)
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  20. Brian, Cameron. Thanx for the heads up. Have done full day rides on the twisties, particularly
    up thru the King Valley. But as the Strom & I are still coming to terms with each other, I will pass this offer up.

    Cheers, Mark