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18,000+kms later...

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Guest, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. Hi all and everybody,

    Just letting you know I am finally back south after an awesome, brilliant, bum-numbing trip! I made it as far north as Cooktown, with some great roads and stunning scenery on the way.

    - Gillies Hwy - 6 times!!! :grin:
    - Atherton Tablelands - gorgeous scenery, sweet roads
    - Snowy Mountains - Thredbo Road, awesome fun!
    - Meeting some great riders along the way, ending up with good friends
    - Camping by stunning waterfalls, waking for a swim
    - Finding the road into Conway Beach sweet curves after nearly dying of boredom on the Bruce Hwy
    - Doing laps and laps and laps (both ways!) of Mt Panorama till the sun had gone and it was too effin freezing to continue
    - Chillagoe Caves - long haul but worth it
    - Missing all the fist-sized hailstorms
    - Dirtbike riding on the Atherton Tablelands

    - Cape Trib-Emoggen Ck - the southern end of the Cape Trib-Bloomfield track. Horrible Horrible Horrible on a road bike - steep curving dirt covered with fist sized loose rocks. Scary
    - Oxley Hwy in the rain - after 3 months of anticipation... :cry:
    - Eungella Rd, up the escarpment - large, studded cattle grids in the apex of every bend in the top section, one bend even had 2!
    - Dodging logs on the washed out roads into Agnes Waters while soaked to the skin in the thunderstorms
    - Drying every single thing with me out after the thunderstorms!

    Obviously with a trip 4 months long this is only a fragment of the adventures :grin:

    The bike was awesome too and never let me down, even loaded to the max. Did go through 3 rear tyres and 2 fronts tho!

    Thanks Tina, Murf and Paul for your hospitality along the way. :grin:

    So now it is off to the cold windswept climes of Warrnambool for the next installment in the Life of Jarrah!

  2. Hey jarrah, great to hear you got home safely.
    It's a tribute to 600s that you can do pretty much anything with them.....
  3. oooh sounds fun :D

    I was going to go to warrnambool today but now I cant :(
  4. Sounds brilliant Jarrah!