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17yo looking to get in to motorcycles

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nighthawks, May 15, 2016.

  1. I'm very interested in motorcycles, and would like to get one to ride + a license (I'm in NSW).

    Can someone give me some links where I can learn about what I need to know to be a motorcyclist and also what is a good first bike (I have around $10,000 but I don't plan on spending over like $6000).

    Sorry if this is a vague question, if you need clarification on anything just reply and I'll get back to you.

  2. Unless you live in the back blocks of NSW, first step is go to your local RMS office and apply for a motorbike learners permit.

    Part of that deal should have you doing the pre-learner's course, two half days.

    It is a lot easier talking about bikes and bike gear if you have a few close handy to point at and let folk try.

    Good luck with it.
  3. Are you asking on behalf of yourself or another? Your profile says you are 25. You can clarify that. So are you 17 wishing on 25 or 25 wanting to hang with the cool kids? It really doesn't matter either way.

    Try the Roads and Maritime Services Web site - that'll tell you about the legal stuff.
  4. Welcome to the forum, I have shifted your thread to the Welcome Lounge as it is your introductory post. As Crazycam said first step is the RMS. Have a read of this page provided by the RMS

    RMS: Getting your bike licence.
  5. I'm 17 but when I was like 14 I used to just put 1990 as my birthday so it says over 18. Just became a habit lol.
  6. The website is down. Have you done the course? If so, what does it entail? I did a safe driver's course when I was on my L's (which got me 20 bonus logbook hours), and it had a combination of classroom/driving stuff. Can I expect the same for the pre-learner's course?

  7. Sounds like a bike rider to me.
  8. Oh yeah, got in. What's the difference between L and P1 plates? Other than one being closer to P2 than the other.
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    L plate is Learner,
    is Probationary 1 Red P plates,
    P2 is Probationary 2 Green P Plates.

    So you are at the get your L plate stage, you need to do a 2 day course at an approved training centre. Once you have that you can do the written test, multiple choice. You will need to do the combined road laws test and motorcycle specific test.

    During the learner/P1/P2 stage you are restricted to a Zero Blood Alcohol limit and a LAMS approved motorcycle. During L and P1 you are restricted to no pillions and 90km/h maximum speed.
  10. Youtube is your friend. I learnt all about bikes on youtube. There are many great videos out there that could easily get you started in Motorcycles. The question is, are you sure that you want to ride? Sure It's great fun and exiting but It can also be dangerous. Make sure you think hard before thinking about getting a bike because on the road one wrong move could easily get you killed. Everything you need to know about the licencing scheme is pretty much on the RMS site. Good luck, I also got my licence when I was 17 so I'm sure I could help with some questions you might have.
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