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1770 to Sydney - Trip Report with Pics!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by lowercase, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. So, here's that report of my trip, with pics!

    I wrote the below while in Port Macquarie, and I don't need to change it, except have added a few more paras at the bottom.


    Living up in QLD was more than brilliant - the weather for the most part was idyllic, the scenery at all times was breathtaking and the people were lovely. However, we lost our jobs (my mum and I) due to the lack of tourism and the owners just weren't making enough money to pay us, basically. So, there were a few options:
    a) look for another job in that town
    b) apply for centrelink
    c) move back to Sydney and find work there
    d) find work elsewhere and move there

    So, I chose C. I did apply for centrelink initially, as there literally is no option A as there is NO work in that town at present. But, I don't want their payments cause I'd hate to be part of the "I'm on centrelink" club. So, I cancelled that yesterday, prior to their interviews, and prior to any payments (all I did was call up, complete their over the phone assessment, and then think "I don't want this", so I cancelled it).

    Moving back to Sydney... I was very relaxed about it, and at the same time rather relieved. I missed my dog and cat severely, I missed my favourite chinese noodle shop, I missed the weekly/fortnightly visit to the cinemas, I missed every driveway being paved or concreted (GOD DAMN YOU GRAVEL! YOU F*UCK, YOU ARE MY ARCH ENEMY! not that I had any problems with it, but basically it just made my riding around town a lot less frequent - ie, 5 or 6 times - and a lot less enjoyable and more stressful) and I miss good riding roads close by. Up in QLD, the closest good riding roads (not straight and 100 k's/hour) were about 2 hours away from my house... serious rip off.

    The planning commenced, and I eventually set on a date to leave, which really did take a while to figure out (money, packing, things to do prior to leaving), and eventually set on 27th February 2011.

    Prior to leaving, I had to go to the Great Barrier Reef (from 1770 it's only 1.5 hours away and the swimming is superb! perfect visibility, most undisturbed part of the reef, and the only part of the reef as far as i know that doesn't get stingers), I had to have a plane flight, go kayaking and go to the Agnes Water Blues and Roots Festival.

    Somehow, I achieved all of that! Granted, the plane flight was only 5 or 10 minutes, but it landed and picked up ON the beach, and there was not a moment wasted. The views were like none I'd ever seen, over land and sea with the 1770 Larc on the beach below, the plane was exciting with flying up and then dropping suddenly (I LOVED IT!) and being able to look out at separate times from the left and right windows to be looking at the ground directly (we were completely on our side! WOW!)... so anyways, DO IT! Go for a plane flight, and if you can, do it in 1770. You WILL NOT regret it. You can go flying for 30 minutes and more (I only got 10 minutes as I was lucky and got to do it when the Larc stopped on the beach and won a free flight with two others), so, I didn't have to pay for it :)

    Currently, I'm on the last leg of my journey to Sydney. It's already taken 3 days, and I've been absolutely everywhere.

    Departing from 1770 on my Triumph Sprint RS motorcycle at 8:30am on Sunday... my dog was sad. He sat on my bike (after actually WANTING to get up... he knew something was wrong) and just sat there looking at me, following my every movement. Almost made me cry :( ... I then rode directly to Childers (didn't stop at Bundaberg) for some food, got pecan pie which was really delicious, from the cutest shop that's heritage listed, next door to their post office. I LOVE Childers. It's a beautiful town, really. To pass through, anyways.

    Then via Maryborough for a quick hello, then to Gympie (stopped and had lunch with Bretto61) and then he and I rode to my stop for that night being Rosemount, near Maroochydore. He then backtracked and headed to his home in Noosa, so I was really lucky he was so nice to take me all the way there! I would not have gotten lost, but I would have taken a fair while longer. I arrived at about 3:30.

    I then had dinner with a friend and her family, plus another really good mate, which was really nice! Steak and potato bake, crunchy noodle salad (best I've ever had!) and some BBQ'd onions. Then desert which was an incredible lemon cheesecake, which seriously ... oh man... delicious! Had that with some Tempus Two desert wine, which I found to be quite nice (the bottle is gorgeous too, which I took a pic of in my last blog).

    Slept like a log, then woke at about 6am, went for a brief walk to my bike to ensure he was happy, then enjoyed the view and the silence of the morning for a little bit.

    Breaky and conversation, got my number plate fixed (needed some new holes drilled in it as it didn't fit properly and I had it taped on), packed up the bike and then headed off at about 8:30-8:45.

    First stop was at the big pineapple for a photo, then chain lube and tyre pressures at a small servo, on my way to Landsborough. A tiny little town on a scenic drive via Steve Irwin Way. It sounded interesting so I investigated, and it was. Really pretty, and I picked up the most gorgeous mug for my friend as a HUGE thank you for her hospitality for the night, and I got one for me too, basically the same, but mine had a different saying on it (hers was about kindness and mine... I don't remember? it's a huge mug, and perfect for hot chocolates!). I also got two little stone bracelets, as the lady in the hippyish shop (like Tree of Life, but cheaper and bigger and better!) told me that one was for safe traveling and the other for luck while traveling solo. They were only $2.50 each, and I thought it couldn't hurt. Hey, it worked, didn't it? I got home safe and sound :D

    That day then saw me to Wild Horse Scenic Lookout, which looks out over the Glasshouse Mountains (my GOODNESS! if you EVER get up that way, please please PLEASE! go to the lookout. Yes it's 700 metres walking up a rather steep hill (I nearly died in motorcycle pants, boots, backpack with camera and jumper and odds in it and carrying my helmet and gloves... and I didn't have any water), so just take a water bottle, wear light clothing and apply lots of sunscreen... but do it! It's so absolutely and completely worth it. They DO have water at the top, which seriously saved me, as my mouth was dry and hurt a lot... not good! Damned dehydration...

    Anyways, the views... oh man, the views. GO SEE IT! Right now.

    Then onto a few other little stops, man my memory is bad, but one was a servo to get some powerade (this is what I've had every day as it stops me getting dehydrated and dizzy, keeps me alert) and then to Byron Bay. I had lunch there at Fishheads or Fishhead, it's a fish and chip restaurant and takeaway. I had calamari and chips with tartare sauce - serious awesome factor! Man I'm thinking about them now and mmmm :)

    I bought some cards, a scarf/shawl thing and then headed off via the coast road to Broadwater for the night. I've probably mentioned this before, but I absolutely LOVE Broadwater. It's this tiny, sleepy little town that has very little in it, a few places with accommodation, maybe 2 or 3 shops and the pub. Love love love love it :) It's the one in NSW, just south of Ballina. I can't vouch for the other Broadwaters around. It's got the BEST pub meals EVER! I'd pay $50 for their steak in a restaurant, it's that good!

    So, head off late-ish, at about 9am, then make my way down to Port Macquarie. On the way, I stop at the big banana, Pet Porpoise Pool at Coffs Harbour (all day just hanging around dolphins and seals!! and you get a kiss with them, and photos! The photos! YOU MUST GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I don't really remember where else, but I stopped a fair few times... Oh yeah, a tiny town and bought a little breadboard, solid cedar... mmm smells incredible and it's beautiful - so cheap too! Only $10.

    Um, basically it. Now at Port Macquarie Backpackers, which, for a backpackers is so good! I mean, I've never stayed at a backpackers before, but I know this one is high on the "best backpackers ever" list. It's got a pool, pool table, free internet (minus facebook and msn), pizza is cheap (under $5-5.50 for a large pizza!), huge kitchen, CLEAN everything, and really cute everything. It's gorgeous :)

    So, today I just make my way back to Sydney on my last $20 (that will be for fuel) and then I think I'll just collapse and sleep like a log for a day or so... or just the night ;)


    So, I made it home, my 6 boxes that I posted through the mail made it back yesterday (the day after I got back - awesome!) and yesterday I rediscovered the PS3 and all the awesome games it has to offer :D

    So... here's the pics - there's tonnes of them, and lots of doubles (until I delete and edit accordingly ... which I'll start doing ... now) - hope you enjoy!

    Actually, no. I'm not deleting any more. Deleted the dreadful cruddy photos, but if you can be arsed, you can go through all the doubles etc :)

  2. Good to hear you're safe and sound (y)
  3. great great write up Holly

    THANK GOD for CAPS LOCK ey? :D i think i WILL NOW GO to Wild Horse Scenic Lookout AND Broadwater AND the Pet Porpoise Pool!!!!!!!

    congrats on making a safe solo ride to sydney. hope to see you out on some of our local rides.
  4. i remain loyal to everything lowercase, but CAPITALS do have benefits too... :)

    edit: oh, and forgot to mention, the first three days were absolutely perfect weather, and the last day was raining in port mac, and then drizzly for about half the ride, but barely anything (roads were all completely dry) and then clear for the rest but still overcast.
  5. Welcome back LC... great pics!
  6. Nice write up Holly, welcome back to Sydney :)
  7. Superb write up Holly. Now you can enjoy the roads Sydney have to offer all over again. Hit me up when your riding again, I might go for a ride this afternoon/night. Although your Lord of the Ring type epic journey must have left ya all tired and sore :p.
  8. Didn't actually leave me sore! But yeah, tired and just emotionally drained I guess :)

    OH THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! With all my stops and all the rest, I did so many K's!

    wait... adding k's up... i'll go confirm

    yup, 2041 k's
  9. Holley hell :p thats allot of k's
  10. F*** me that's practically Rockhampton > Sydney...

    Respect (y)
  11. Looks like a great ride, and welcome back home too
  12. Yeah, welcome home Hols
  13. Yeah welcome back!

    Great write up and pics Holly - I had a giggle at the big banana pics :D
  14. the big banana pics were awesome :D i parked in a no parking zone :eek:
  15. I'm actually quite dissapointed you passed and stopped in glasshouse mountains region without telling me :p
  16. Welcome back, Holly :)
  17. i didn't want to really stop for anyone, cause although it was great meeting brett from the forums, it annoyed me that i left myself waste so much of a day to explore! i'm a very happy lone rider :)

    i'll meet you soon i'm sure.
  18. that tailpack looks kinda unsteady lc, like it pushes you forward onto your arms. and how bloody high is it? looks like it'd come over your head....

    ride looks like a tun o fun, maybe a big cross-country ride should go onto my bucket list (or at least put more thought into the one i have on there already)
  19. That's not a ride report; it's a travelogue of half the Eastern Seaboard of Australia :LOL:

    loved the pics, duplicates and all (y)