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175 in a 50 UPDATE

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FBI, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. Found out today, my mate is off to lock up. The appeal went well, but he still ended up with 9 months, with a minimum of 5 before parole.

    The only change was instead of being sentenced to 5 years DQ it's now 3.

  2. Man i'm sorry to hear that. Total rubbish that he should do that amount (or any significant amount) of jailtime for such an offense.

    Hope your mate gets through it ok
  3. Poor bugger, At least it is slightly more lenient, but still harsh. Make sure you visit.
    Thanks for the update.
  4. 9 months, fark that. That sentence is more like if you did the runner, not pulling over.

    Poor fella.
  5. Yeah I plan to, beginning to regret loaning him money for his solicitor, going to be a while before I get it back! :?
  6. I still think something doesn't smell right..

    i.e workmates friend - speeding over 50km,unliscenced and running from the police = few hundred hours of community service.. DISQ 3 years.

    me thinks you friend has a very bad past or really pissed the judge off!
  7. you'd think the media would be all over this..
  8. However much of a cock he was for speeding, the punishment doesn't appear to fit the crime.

    Good luck to your mate.
  9. Indeed cejay, seeing as some rapists and violent offenders often get much less (or no) jailtime.

    I can't figure out our legal system sometimes.
  10. thats what you get for speeding really.

    If you want to do that. go to the track.

    Still why was he doing 170ish in a 50.

    Come on its a 50zone.

    On the highway is a different story. thats cause the roads are bigger,
  11. I don't think most people would really disagree with you. But once this man has a criminal record that includes jail time, he will more or less find it impossible to get a job.
  12. If you check out the satellite photo of the road in question (posted by [Flux] in the earlier thread on this topic), you will see that it doesn't appear to warrant being a 50 zone.

    Aside from that, even if it was a legitimate 50 zone, receiving the better part of a year's prison for a straightforward speeding offense? Absolutely outrageous, and another example of the double (triple, quadruple) standards that our justice system has for criminals.

    As cejay pointed out, it is not just the gaol time, but the fact that it will ruin this guy's life for the next ten years while he struggles to gain employment or gain entry to certain countries. It may have even longer lasting psychological effects, or worst case it may turn him into a 'proper' criminal, depending upon the people he has to deal with while he's in there and the things he's forced to do, and you can't tell me that that's a good thing for society.

    EDITED: Added more rant!
  13. BS! It's not what you get which is why everyone is suprised. I was talking to a guy on the weekend who was riding while suspended and he reckons he got caught doing 240 and got 2 yrs DQ.

    The laws with all this stuff are now at a ret@rded level, there's absolutly zero incentive to stop if chased. If i get chased and know i'm gonna end up in the slammer, i'd risk my life running knowing that it's going to be over anyway...
  14. Some of the reactions here are quite laughable.
    Even if it was a 60, or an 80 zone. He was still doing 100km/h over that limit!!!

    There is no need to speed to that extent - Full Stop!!!

    Anyone who even thinks about speeding that fast on a road like that, either before or after hearing this story is a tard.. And deserves to get upped the ass in jail for 9 months!!!

    Do you think you really look that good on some crappy Japanese bike travelling at 175km/h??
    Do you really think its going to get you that slaggy blond you've always masturbated over, alone in your bedroom?
    Do you really think that it makes your cock any bigger?

    Just because you had no friends at school, doesn't mean you're any better now by riding your sportsbike 'really really' fast!!!

    Get a life people
  15. Goodo.
  16. Do you really think you look that good on some crappy computer trying to make lame ass comments seem important?
    Do you really think it's going to get you that slaggy guy from the comic store you've always masturbated over, alone in your bedroom?
    Do you really think it makes YOUR cock any bigger?

    Just because you have never had friends, doesn't mean you're any better now by slagging people off on the 'net
    Get a life

    Show some compassion you tool!
  17. Shutup, f*ckwit.

    Now to the OP - you be sure to post up some contact details and instructions for what we are and aren't allowed to mail to this bloke when he's in prison. His name's already in the media, so I guess privacy isn't such a big deal anymore.
    I'd be happy to send him a care package to make his time in gaol more comfortable.
  18. You get less for manslaughter these days don't you!
    Tough break. Jail is very extreme and in this case will probably cause more harm then good.
    Make sure you keep him supplied with some good bike mags and letters and visits, jail can change i a man very quickly.
  19. 175 in a 50!!
    then end
  20. Look.. My above comments aside.. I do feel for this guy.. Totally sux.. and yes, the sentence was way way harsh..
    I feel for this guy and his family and friends..

    I was just venting on speeding...
    Hopefully some people will learn from this?