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170km/h in a 50km/h zone

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FBI, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. A mate of mine was caught a few months ago on a dead straight road leading out of town at 5AM with only one vehicle on the road. He opened up his GSXR750 to overtake the car and just kept rocketing up the road, right past the highway patrol vehicle hidden behind a shrub.

    He was fined for "Speed Dangerous" and attended court last week with no priors, to recieve 5 years DQ and 8 months gaol with 5 months non parole.

    I admit that he is a fcuking idiot for doing it, especially in the bloody 50 zone, and he is absolutely shitting himself right now with the very real prospect of spending some time in lock up. On top of that, he'll lose his position as a 2IC Leading Hand at a local production factory if he loses his appeal.

    What are your thoughts? Is gaol warrented given the circumstances, and have you ever done something similar and not been caught?
  2. Not a lot he can do to fight it, except plead mercy.

    Could have been me at one time or another. 5 yr DQ seems to be a large penalty anyhow.
  3. 5 months jail is better than killing someone. Should think himself lucky it wasn't the second possibility. And hey, when he gets his licence back in 5 years time he won't do it again. Tough lessons learnt.
  4. He's appealed the decision, the Magistrate he got.. Hamilton the "Hammer" is known for extremely heavy handed sentences for driving offences, as apparently his daughter was killed in a car accident.
  5. 120km/h over the speed limit, why the hell did he stop?
  6. The fact is he didn't kill anyone, or hurt anyone. Yes he 'might' have, or he might have got to work, pulled in, and started his day.

    Sentencing needs to be based on actual events, not possibilities.
  7. He actually admitted to me that he considered running for a few seconds, but decided to pull over and wait for the Cop to catch up, it was the right thing to do, but I reckon if he knew he'd end up in Gaol he'd have done a runner.
  8. As the ad says......

    "Better get a lawyer son.....a real good one!" :shock:
  9. Just the kind of person you want as your judge. To me, thats awfully harsh. Do you think your mate would change his behaviour more if he went to gaol AND lost his license as opposed to just 5 years DQ? For the better I mean...
  10. how the hell did they catch him, they couldnt have got his plates and they would never have caught him!!!
  11. That is absolutely ridiculous. People shouldn't be allowed to break the law to that extreme and get out of it 'cause nothing bad happened'. What about the one time something bad does happen and someone in your family is killed? Then you would be screaming for more that 5 months jail. And the fact is if you do 170 in a 50 zone which is obviously residential, you SIGNIFICANTLY increase the chance of killing someone. I support this decision, because now the next time i think about wrapping on the throttle to those extremes ill think of this case and know what canl happen to me if i get caught. Your mate rolled the dice and got caught, now he needs to cop it sweetly and accept responsibilty for being a dickhead.
  12. I'm sorry to hear about your friend mate. If you don't mind me asking, where did it happen? I'm pretty familiar with Dubbo and the surrounding area.
  13. You're misunderstanding completely mate, I never said he should get away scott free. He's a fcukwit, and deserves to be punished, my opinion is that gaol is excessive. I have no problem with him being DQ, Community Service, or even a Suspended Sentence.

    Especially when you see sentences of 8-10 months given out to drink drivers who DO injure others.
  14. Do you know Yarrendale Road? He was heading out to work at Fletchers as he has to start before everyone else. If you were going to fang it down a road, that would be it.
  15. Yeah you're right I do feel it's excessive.. But imagine how many people will stop doing that sort of thing if they know that can be the repercussion. Can anyone here honestly say they'd risk doing that speed (no matter how fun it might be at the time) if they thought they could go to jail for 5 months? I know I sure as shit wouldn't, that's what track days are for.
  16. No, sentencing needs to take into account foreseable (possible) outcomes. In a 50 zone, the death of another is a foreseable outcome, and had it happened we'd be speaking differently about the sentence, about what your mate deserves...yet given his actions all that seperates your mate from that outcome, from that culpability in our minds, was luck - for the sake of a hit he left another's life at the mercy of pure luck!

    But I agree it's a tough sentence, and can feel for your mate! I think, given no prior offences, a nasty DQ with a suspended sentence awaiting him should he be caught near a vehicle! And a big fine. But jail for the average Joe with this sort of crime...stupid, and - here's a foreseable outcome - counter-productive given the effect jail time can have on character!
  17. Yep, a lot of my mates still work out there actually. What part is the 50 zone? Was it at the Uni end near the lights? That's a huge bloody speed to be doing on the way to the Abs, but yeah i agree and think that anything more than a suspended sentence is too harsh. Man i woulda just hightailed it over to Bourke street and layed low down near the river or something... Hmmm. Hindsights a biatch ain't it?
  18. Have been always told... Never.. ever.. speed in or around Dubbo.

    I used to routinely head through Dubbo, up(and down) the Newell, and stayed in Dubbo a bit. Heard it from Truckies, heard it from Bus drivers, heard it from caravaners, pretty much anyone who has been through there.

    I feel sorry for your mate, but unless times have changed in the last 2 years, I wouldn't speed anywhere near Dubbo. Now I admit it does get a bit tempting to the north... late at night... Damn skippy's.
  19. should have just bashed a granny for her pension check... then you just go to court and plead guilty but your tell the magistrate your sob story of how your a junkie and on methadone and you just want to get your life together...he will look at your numerous convictions for theft, assault, obtain property by deception etc...and take pity on you and give you a suspended sentence...

    meanwhile in the court next door your mate, with no convictions, never committed an offence is getting bent over and given the full 12" for a traffic offence... make no bones about it, 170k's in a 50 zone is fcuking stupid and very dangerous...but doesn't anybody think it's incredibly fcuked up that these situations happen time and again...a motorist winds on the throttle and commits a victimless crime...a junkie mugs an old granny at knife point and traumatizes her beyond belief, so here you have a crime and a victim and yet the most times the junikie goes free...or the judge is VERY lenient

    Is a traffic offence really such a heinous crime that it attracts a more severe penalty than a pre meditated mugging of a defenseless person?
  20. The whole intersection is different now mate, you can't get onto Yarrendale Rd from the Traffic Lights at all! But it's a 50 to out just past the school then it becomes 80.