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170k Sunday Morning Blast - 13/12/2010

Discussion in 'NSW' started by chrome, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. 170k Sunday Morning Blast - 19/12/2010

    This is the route.

    Meet at Sylvania Maccas, leaving at 7:30am (the point marked as "A" on the map), go through the National Park, head down the Old Princes Highway, head up Picton Road, Down Appin Road, back via Old Princes Highway and the National Park. 170km+, should be a quick 3 hour ride... hopefully back by about 10:30am.

    This is only a short blast as I need to save up some brownie points. Anyone interested?
  2. Try not to wear the bike out mate. He he
  3. lol, yeah, I suspect thats not gonna happen once the baby arrives so I'm getting in the km while I still can! :)
  4. The 13th? Today is the 15th mate :p
  5. ahem, yeah, thats what I meant. 19th. Sigh. I was tired :p
  6. hmm i tried to change date in topic also, looks like a bug in system
  7. oh werl

    if its just me i'm fine with that.
  8. It's a blast … from the past :grin: