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170k Monash rider died. VP fb.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Popkok, May 2, 2012.

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  1. Dear God, on Vic Police fb, Pricks there are cheering this poor bastard's dying this morning. P'raps a death in their own family may drive home the reality. Wonder if we'll ever hear why he ran.

  2. take screen shots and send it to today tonight or something like that or news.com.au to show how they are applauding his death on that website

    do it before they take it down - they should not have that stuff there

    link would help I dont do facebook
    think of what they would do if it was a police officers death being cheered
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  3. Ironic given the cops indicated a while ago that trolling fb regarding deaths was an action which they could charge - or something along those lines
  4. It is also full of misinformation...

    Someone made the comment that he wouldn't have been pulled over unless he was doing something wrong...

    Either way, Vic Police have control over that page and are responsible for what is posted on it.
  5. I dont know who they are that post there, officers themselves or family/ friends, but it's bloody disgusting. I'm not computer savvy enough to copy the comments there, but would love seeing it on Today Tonight or somesuch.
  6. Before we get too carried away it is the general public posting there not police officers.

    Still awful to see/read and I hope that Vic Pol take it down.
  7. It is an open page for anyone to post on, and unless the police have employed someone to sit and watch every post made I don't really think it is right to say they are responsible.

    Sort of like blaming the owners of netrider for posts made by other people.
  8. http://www.facebook.com/#!/victoriapolice

  9. You don't need a Facebook account to go and see what's there. Go to http://www.facebook.com/victoriapolice

    good riddance..

    A sad, sad comment.. and people liked it. I know there's plenty of hatred against riders out there.. but this one still surprised me.

  10. its the general opinion of the public really... they're happy to see someone die and badmouth them online.. but when its them and their family they turn the other page.

    I thought there was a new law regarding trolling on facebook or posting hurtful things on facebook after someones death.. its not right.. these people should be blocked or deleted, if it was your son/father/grandfather/nephew who died would you go on facebook and say oh that's good that he died he deserved it? no.. no one deserves to be ridiculed.
  11. I would rather have a thousand people celebrating the death of my grandfather on facebook than have a law muzzling morons.

    I might not agree with what they say but I shall defend to the day of my death their right to say it, and I hope for the destruction of any government that would stifle free speech.
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  12. I had a look seems to be only half a dozen making bad comments
  13. There are only a few keyboard heroes making those statements.
    I don't see it as anything out of the ordinary. Had it been a driver who was killed in similar circumstances the reactions and comments would be exactly the same
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  14. Most comments are alright and achknowledge that it was a tragic circumstance for all involved. Only Andrew Young seems happy the guy died. At least with Facebook you are not annonymous and you need to put your name to a comment.
  15. Free speech is a double edged sword isn't it haha.

    What i'm saying is think about what you're saying before you say it.. if someones family member died and you started going, "Good he deserved it".. how would that persons family feel?

    Would you like it if someone did that to you?

    I'm all for free speech, but... some people should show a bit more common sense, i just wonder if the police car was the one who crashed and the police died, and the rider got away.. what would they say then?

    would it still be the bikers fault... hmm

    This pursuit is a fine example of the use of a helicopter rather than a car forcing the bike to speed... if the cops tried to stop the bike, and the biker sped off.. instead of following it at 170kph.. and pretty much expecting it to crash, you could follow it with the helicopter.. and then catch up to it with the cars.

    Rather than forcing a pursuit.. and having the inevitable happen.
    The UK use helicopters in combination with police cars.. and it works out better more often than not..
  16. Sounds like a huge huge huge waste of taxpayer money to me. Fixed wing aircraft are expensive enough to run, rotary wings are even moreso.

    Further, on a straight road a decent sportsbike can outrun the overwhelming majority of helicopters. Their advantage comes from altitude and not having to follow the road if it's not straight.
  17. One of the good things about Facebook, and perhaps the only one, is that ****ing knuckle-dragging, dumb **** mother****ers like this:

    Advertise their name along side the stupid shit that they post for the whole world to see.
  18. Indeed.

    It's a Vicpol fanboi page that has both the public and serving members post on it. The page IS monitored and some comments are removed. As are people who consistently break the T&C's.

    If people want to know what's acceptable to post there then just click the 'terms of use' link provided at the top of the page...
    ...you should all know how to use the internet by now surely.

    If you want to read something interesting instead of the usual VP fizzing then I suggest you follow Brian Hannan. He's not your usual brainwashed muppet.
  19. Exactly, and the beauty of it is you can answer your critics. So feel free to go to the site and blaze away.

    Ironically the odds are pretty good this riders family has said exactly the same shit about somebody else's son at some stage.

    Actually yes.

    The police helicopter does not spend it's time flying around waiting for pursuits to break out so it can be deployed. It's spends the bulk of it's time sitting on the ground at an airfield waiting to be deployed. So that's scramble time plus flight time before it can reach the pursuit and be of any use. In the meantime a car would be required to track the offender until the chopper arrives.
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  20. They're using them now to monitor speeding motorists on major roads.. where its point to point.. and then they alert the car below..

    The uk helicopters and i'm sure the ones here are the same have infrared and all that crap, so if the rider bailed they could still find him/her.
    What i'm saying is.. the biker possibly would have thought oh no cops behind me i got away with it and slow down.. or stop.. and then the cars move in.. rather than getting to these speeds and having the inevitable happening.

    It is one solution.. the other solution would be.. if a bike runs.. don't bother pursuing it.
    its a tough topic really.


    Chef, yeah i remember seeing a uk police special on foxtel.. and they were doing a show on the police choppers, and i realise they don't fly around all day and night, but it is an option.
    As for the folk on facebook... i just don't even bother.. there's only a couple of idiots.. and they're obviously one sided so they're not going to care about what the rest of us think.

    i tried to post on the herald sun to all those folk blaming the bike in the tac ad, and saying we're all hoons and dangerous riders.. and they didn't publish my comment.
    Id rather post here... and have a discussion with people who aren't sheep, and believe everything they see from the TAC or victoria police, especially regarding motorcyclists.
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