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17 kilometres

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nobby, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Just thought I would say it out loud, 17km is the distance from my front door to:

    and just 36 km to Bruthen, Dead set, it sucks to be be me... ;)
  2. :depressed: I hate you. ;)
  3. Less typing more riding then Nobby !
  4. The good will that was heaped on you when you retired could soon wear thin, Nobby.
  5. See you next tuesday
  6. 6 kilometres from my front door to Macquarie Pass ;)
  7. I'm 28 km to the start of Brown Mtn (the road from here to there isn't bad either) and less than 1 km to Myrtle Mtn Rd (joins Mt Darragh Rd).

    I can do the home -> Bemboka -> Dalgety -> Jindabyne -> Khancoban -> Cabramurra -> Adaminaby -> Cooma -> Bemboka -> home loop in a (long) day.

    It sucks living here, too :)
  8. I'm 900 k's from Sydney
  9. and happy about it too
  10. I live <1km from a harbor! Video is related.

  11. Could be further
  12. i live in the dandys melbournes best roads on my doorstep and when i cant ride i can here all the glorious exhaustsorst
  13. I discovered yesterday that I can ride to Corryong and back along the Murray River Road on one full tank (339km round trip says the odo).