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17/7/11 putty ride.

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ONE, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. People ive pulled some strings and Am going for a ride up the putty this sunday all welcome, ride your own ride and have fun.
    Im not doing the whole loop as im lazy.
    Il head to broke for fuel and might continue onto wollombi for lunch or have lunch at grey gums not sure yet.
    Meet at bp past wilberforce as i ant be bothered going to the caltex.
    Meet at 9.45 for a 10am depature.
    Might stop at greygums for a quick coffe if people want and the onto ten mile,then broke fuel up and decide if i want luch at wollombi or broke.
    If i head back to grey gums and people are doing the loop this is where we will go our seperate ways.

    If it rains i aintgoing.

    See ya all sunday.
  2. No fulls allowed :D
  3. And Cruiser's because they are slow and Gay :moped:
  4. Rofl 2strokes only
  5. Gosh darn if i wasn't already doing something on sunday id make it 2 weekends in a row!!
  6. Gokarts saturday Putty sunday I'm in mate :)
  7. Hahah i make it for all three requirements :p. Im in.
  8. no fulls? Que...? and apart from learner course's i'm keen to get out on some of the bigger runs guys...anywhere beside's netrider to look out for runs ?

    (i am still a n00b obviously but prefer to train myself on the basics i need by myself - u-turns, cornering ect.)
  9. Hey Trent good to see you coming out to play !!

    2 stroke GoKarts on Putty with slicks that would be fun ....

    Undertake some bods on Sports rockets , drop into there lines, cut em off

    Blind corners here you come and then say how hard you are :)

    @ 87

    Goz I assume is having a little joke at a past post
    Seems it upset some peeps with to much time on there hands

  10. griffo ah well another time.
    sounds good dave gona be a great weekend :)
    good stuff mal.
    87 crisis all are welcome be aware people may exceed the speed limit ride your own ride and have fun if you come.
    mmm dont give me ideas rob lol a kart would be heaps of fun up ten mile :)
  11. Might be up for this if the weather improves Trent. Cold n' Wet atm which doesn't congeal with "gona be a great weekend" in my books but it pays to be optimistic I suppose.
  12. yep its looking wet hopefully it doesnt rain :(
  13. where you watching ONE channel when u thought of that name? lol
  14. no i was thinking of lorenzo his number one i ride a yammy therfore im number one hahaha.
  15. Nah it was when he met his ONE true love at Winton his name is Plas....They are in regular correspondence apparently :LOL:
  16. plas wishes he got to see me more lol
  17. Im not riding today sory people its wet anyone else is still welcome too though
  18. Yeah 2 strokes don't like wet grass :D
  19. I might take a gander to the station but wont do the whole thing and most likely wont even do to the GG cafe......................was awake till the early hours of 6am composing a video
  20. I'm at wilberforce bp now I saw Trent but he's not on his bike. I'm heading out to greygums. I'm on a black firestorm today.