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17,280 min's since I was on my bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by endurotour, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Well ok I am at work and a little free with the time at the moment, so I worked out how many hours, then Min's it's been since I dropped the bike off for a service, that became a rebuild, that is going loose rather a little too quickly.. ohh well, maybe tuesday, maybe.....
    so i guess around 4,320 min's ish till I get to perhaps mount my trusty stead.. woo hoo....
    Too even cause more off a tease the US shipped pannier rails have arrivied last Thursday.. they look nice...
    One off the up sides is the bike will be good to go on a whole new level when I do get it back, post run that is.. as well as getting to add a host of stuff to the mod's list in the garage section :)
    well there you go... if your out on your bike enjoy...
    cheers Al

  2. Wow - And I thought my job left me with some free time... :p
  3. There is nothing worse than putting your bike in for something that you think is minor and it ends up being a major issue. :evil: That just happened to me when I put it in for a roadworthy :cry: Still haven't got it back
  4. Hey Al,

    Going to be getting a bit of that feeling myself. Put the bike in for repairs this morning and was told that it could be two weeks before I get it back. Looks like the Port Campbell trip is off.

    Trying not to fret!

    :( :( :(
  5. This is where having a 'weekend' bike and a 'commuter' bike comes in handy...
  6. evenin all...
    Neil hiya... Bummer mate.. I will miss the Port Cambell, and there is a dirt ride as well on Sat.. I just have to wait and see..at least I might get to run the bike in,,
    I had the second biek up until about 6 weeks ago, so yup I would like to have one, however except for the current troubles I had not being using it at all, so well, something to think about again once the income level changes..
    Currently, Block is in transit to the shop, maybe sorted Tue or Wed..
    now I am riding 2 horus a day on the push bike, so thats an up, although sorry to anyone that see's me in the one piece lycra... :grin:
    yes i am by habit given the head nod to all that pass me!!! maybe not the best time to be doing it though..
  7. Al, thats not an image I needed first thing in the morning!
  8. maybe I should change my pers photo to the lycra look... on the up side the bike has the engine back together, just waiting for a choke cable, maybe by 14:00 tomorrow I will be good to go again... I can only hope.. looks I might get to ride on the weekend although I dont know if it will be far, would be cool to head to the St Kilda coffee night as the first full outing, looking forward to getting some dust on the new (un-used) motard rubber.. and the machanic was waaaaaay excited today about the piston that has gone into the bike... small down side is I have to work an extra on thu and fri, so I may not get to play much or get the panniers onto the bike.. could be a whole lot worse though... :LOL:
  9. I think you're doing OK, actually. If you'd like to do a 'minutes' calculation on three months, that's how long my bike was off the road from February onwards last year, while I waited for parts to come by glacier for an accident repair. Lost the best part of the best riding weather....
  10. By glacier! Bahahhahaha! That's great! :LOL:
    I love Kwakas, everything interchanges, dealers keep parts or get em in overnight........

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Finally got my bike back yesterday, as the roadworthy was supposed to take an hour last thursday :shock: They told me it was a cam chain and i was very close to a full engine rebuild :shock: Bit odd, since the bike is just on 12 months old and serviced regularly. Anyway, the did it under warranty which was good for me :grin: and it is running better than it ever has. Pity I sold it :(