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17/18th March Weekend ride: Operation 'Silver Fox'

Discussion in 'VIC' started by mikado, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Any good ride has to have a wanky name.. this one is named after our fearless leader - Roger - aka the Silver Fox.

    Dates : Still to be locked in but looking at 17/18 March. [That is an Edit - bringing forward one day)

    From : Melbourne to Bombala,NSW and return via different route.
    Day 1 route link ( Google Maps Link ) - 890km, depart Cnr Bourke and Spencer @ 5am ( so we can watch the sun come up and have time to stop a few times)
    Day 2 route link ( Google Maps Link ) - 690km with the ability to significantly shorten it if needed, skipping certain sections.

    Staying the night at the Bombala motel (this is worth talking about!), dinner at the local Chinese.. we've been there before, quite unorthodox - but surprisingly good.! MSG inc at no extra cost.. yummo.!

    The road is all sealed with the exception of a few sections on day 2 from Delegate to Orbost, have a look on streetview if you want to know more on that subject.. I ride a BMW r1200rt - if I can do it on that, you can do it on your baby.. all in all, these are some of the most excellent roads around!

    There are 6 places on this ride, 2 are filled already. We're putting it out there for anyone who likes a nice longer ride and doesn't ride like a girl.. it's not hard core, but not beginner either. Rain hail or shine. There is a $75 deposit(non refundable) which you get back in cash at dinner time on day 1 - that's your motivation to follow through on your commitment. so the cost of the ride is zero $$, but if you pull out, you've blown your $75.

    Riders are;
    Ian, '05 r1200rt bmw
    Roger (silver fox) '09 f650twin gs bmw

    We're easy going guys and pretty competent riders.

    if you're interested.. you're welcome. This is an awesome route.. especially up near Omeo and Dinner plain etc.

    Ian can be contact on 0408 52 88 00 - feel free to call.
  2. Re: Operation 'Silver Fox'

    looks pretty bloody good to me. Doubt ill be able to get work off tho :(
  3. Re: Operation 'Silver Fox'

    Yep broadcast it out in the open for the cops to set up their operation fox-cull
  4. Re: Operation 'Silver Fox'

    A non-refundable deposit also usually infers there is some non-recoverable cost to the organiser before the event.
    What happens to the $75 if someone doesn't show?
  5. Re: Operation 'Silver Fox'

    That bit and I'd say it would be for accomodation
  6. Re: Operation 'Silver Fox'

    Yeah I got that Smee, but usually it's because the organiser has had to pay for something already, like accomodation - usually that would be mentioned as a reason the deposit is non-refundable.
    This just sounds like a ransom: show up or we spend your $75 on beer...
  7. Re: Operation 'Silver Fox'

    Well as long as they aren't wasting it on XXXX :beer:
  8. Re: Operation 'Silver Fox'

    Exactly - my concern would be exactly what kind of beer...
    I actually didn't know there was a motel there, but I recently stayed at the corner pub at Bombala - $35 got me a clean room for the night, plus a monster steak and prawns for dinner...
  9. Re: Operation 'Silver Fox'

    The Imperial


    (locked M/C parking at rear)
  10. Re: Operation 'Silver Fox'

    Yerp, that's the one.
    Owner is an expat pom, who also owns a property on Bruny Island. They drive down to Merimbula a few times a week for fresh seafood.
    The pub is a bit rough, but it's clean and they really look after bikers. I'd stay there again, no problem.
  11. Re: Operation 'Silver Fox'

    hey guys.. sorry I didn't see there were a few repiles until now.

    the $75 is just so you have the skin in the game, and commit.. nothing sucks more than when people say I'm in then pull out at the last minute. If someone pulls out then it will go towards dinner I guess.. really, I want to see you att he motel and pull out the $$ from my wallet and say, good ride, glad you joined us.. :)

    I didn't know about the hotel.. I actually like that idea..! Motel by default, two up a room.. but I like the idea of a hotel.. I actually like the idea of going super cheapass on accomodation, bed bugs a bonus, for my mind it's all about the memories and stories. I guess like many with work I'm lucky enough to stay in some honkin' joints so for pleasure, on the bike, I like bates motel deals! cheapa$$ :)

    so who's coming.. I might be able to go on the Sat if there is enough interested.. I would just need to line up a babysitter..
  12. Re: Operation 'Silver Fox'

    any takers.. ???
  13. Re: Operation 'Silver Fox'

    Can you confirm Benambra-Corryong Rd on the first day is fully sealed..
    I was under the impression it wasn't just as the Omeo Hwy has some gravel between Anglers Rest and Mitta Mitta..

  14. Re: Operation 'Silver Fox'

    Anglers rest and Mitta Mitta has 35 Klms of really shit gravel road, Thats more than some.

    Benambra, Have no Idea,
  15. Re: Operation 'Silver Fox'

    I just spoke with the local policeman from Corryong.. he says that it is unsealed between about 15km north of Benambra to Nariel .. he says the surface is very good however. He is a motorbike rider.
  16. Re: Operation 'Silver Fox'

    I might be interested and add another Beemer to the ride (R1200ST). Depends on getting a sitter for my 2 dogs. The Hotel in Bombala is great and cheap and food is good. Recommend using it. Will let you know if I can do this.
  17. great stuff - love to have you along.. we can mod the route a little or totally if needed.. the goal is just to get to Bombala for dinner..

    Roger and I were going to stay in the motel, for memories sake.. is the hotel really good.. well not super, but you know what I mean.. I just like having my baby parked to close I can hear her moan - etc..?
  18. who's coming guys - any confirmed takers..??