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160km Commuter suggestions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by wrxbox, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. I’m looking for a bike that will be good for commuting to work just under 80kms each way (160km round trip), mostly freeway (From Melton to Keysborough). Things that are considering factors are:
    1. Cheap to insure
    2. Good on fuel (min 320kms/tank)
    3. Comfortable
    I really like the Ducati Sportclassic Sport 1000 Biposto, however it doesn’t really meet my criteria, but I’m still considering it just because I think it’s an awesome looking bike. May change my mind after a test ride though. Also like the Ducati monster 696, this may be a little more suitable, however insurance is still a little more expensive than others. Another bike is the Kawasaki ER6n, possibly the most suitable of all, but for some reason I just love the Ducati looks and sound.
    I really would like to only fill up every second day thus the 320km/tank.
    I don’t really do any other riding other than my commute to work.
    Looking at a new or newish bike.

    Any other thoughts and suggestions or experience with these bikes would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Suzuki Bandit 1250s
  3. that will rack up a ton of kms, id be thinking of getting a BMW r1100 or r1150.
  4. +1 for Bandit, or else a VFR. Even a Wee Strom. Don't even think about A Ducati for this kind of work.
  5. go sit on a lot of bikes Ride the ones you like the feel off and buy the one you want. you could do it on a postie bike, or a harley, etc. Your best bet is to focus on finding a bike you enjoy riding. If your going to spend 160km/day on it, you may as well like it.
  6. +1 more for the Bandit - it'll eat that commute for breakfast and have you comfortable doing it.

    The other option is one of the 'cop-like' models, either the BMWs or the Honda ST1300 (or its earlier slightly lower-capacity incarnations) or something like that.

    Having said that, 80 km one way is not really super-tourer territory.

    But I agree with others here - Ducatis *are* awesome, but for pretty much all the opposite things to what you want to do.
  7. Ducati of any sort is not really a sensible choice for that kind of work.

    I second all the other suggestions. V-Strom, Bandit, Beemers, less so the VFR.

    If I was buying new or newish, I'd be looking at something like the Strom or a low mileage R1150GS. An upright riding position on a bike with significant road presence is hard to beat for year round commuting happiness.
  8. Wow, more kms than me!

    I do around 30,000km/yr on the bike commuting + fun so it’s nice to see others out there in the same boat.

    I have been contemplating getting a 1098 for my daily duties but 2 things stop me:

    1) You will dump 50% of the purchase price in the first year on an Italian bike doing these kind of kms. The used Italian bike market contains buyers who want very low kms. None of them will touch the bike unless it is dirt cheap. Our 30,000 'Australian kms' is effectively 200,000km 'Italian kms' LOL. Trust me on this, my MV had 27,000km when i sold it and 90% of people were 'worried' about the 'high kms'. A 2yr 696 with 60,000km+ I’d say factor $6k selling price ($10k loss). For a 1098 I was factoring $28k buy down to a $10k sell in 2yrs ($18k loss). I’m backing out of the 1098 as $9k/yr is $100k car territory, I would prefer a 335i at that price. I wouldn’t keep an Italian bike permanently with high kms, to much risk in things going wrong and replacing parts is $$$.

    2) I don't feel confident on an Italian bike with more than 40,000km. I don't have any real life experience on this but just the fact some of these bikes fall apart with low kms makes me skeptical. Jap bikes will do hundreds of thousands no worries if maintained. My Firestorm was solid as a rock with 53,000km, i'd never doubt it getting me home.

    My suggestions are:
    1) Buy a brand new or 1yr-2yr old JAP bike. Might aswell get something nice and new if you ride every day and you want it to work all the time!
    2) The $10k-$11k price bracket is the most ideal. Run-out deals are great! I've seen Suzuki GSX1400 for $11k ride away (ex demo 1,100km). I would factor 2yrs and 70,000km+ should fetch $6k used ($4k loss). This is the best 'bang for buck' price bracket option by far.
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  10. the er6 is a good bike for what you want to do. can get a 2008 new for around $9000. they are also fun in the twisties. :grin:

    edit. the new yammie xj6 might be worth a look. its had good reviews.
  11. You want shaft drive for these sorts of distances and preferably tyres that are cheap to buy.

    A Yamaha Diversion 900S would be my suggestion.
  12. What about the new Suzuki GSX650F?

  13. I get ~340k's and up per tank and it's a fairly comfortable ride. Very smooth power and seating position works well for me (186cm tall).
  14. is the job really worth it? wow i have a rule, which is my commute can be no longer 20 (approx.) mins by car :shock: on the bike i can sometimes do it in 15mins, and i still biatch about my commuting times :LOL: farking work, should pay me for my time sitting in traffic, oh back to bikes.....i reckon something slim and fun might as well enjoy your daily tour 9how about a dr650 with a replacement tank?
  15. Get a car.

    (I might get kicked off the forum for that)

    Stay well away from Ducati doing the k's you want to do. But you might have deeper pockets than me.
  16. I'd be more inclined to go for a bike over 1000cc. The Bandit makes a lot of sense. The big engines make distance riding all to easy. Nothing will sh1t you more than buying a bike that you have to work to get anywhere. I'm currently riding my wife's RS125 to work and after 3 days i've had enough. Will be solved when the new 1300cc monster in 2 weeks :cool:
  17. That is actually a very good point.

    My neighbour drives from Sunbury to Mulgrave 5 days a week. It's about 70km, and he's out the door at 6.00am and home usually before 7.30am. He's not a terribly happy bloke during the week.

    I'd find another job, or move.
  18. Thanks for all the input. I’m hearing you in regards to the Ducati, not really the bike to do the job, especially with the resale.
    I do own a Honda CX500 but I’m doing a café conversion on this and don’t want to rush the rebuild (also don’t have the time to rush it). I think the CX would be up to the task but I need a bike now and something new would be nice for those kms.
    I took a little look at the BMW’s one of these would probably be a good solution as they are shaft/belt drive and good on fuel, but they are all just so dam ugly. I guess the F800ST looks ok.
    As mentioned tyres are also a factor, what type of bike is good on tyres? I know the CX is. I defiantly not what you’d call a sports rider so the bike is treated reasonably gentle.
    I really do like the café racer look. I considered a cruiser again, but I found them uncomfortable for me as all the weight is on your backside from the very upright riding style and this isn’t good for me.
    I’m going to have to spend some time with some test rides.

    Great post Mr_Ignorant thanks for taking the time with your analysis.

    Edit: What about a Buell 1125CR?
  19. I do a 160k round trip to Melbourne a couple of times a week on my GS500. It does the job pretty well and is cheap to run. . I had to get an Airhawk seat to stop the numb bum.

    Having said that I'd like something with a bit more torque and a few less vibrations.
  20. Nancy boy.