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160K 'n red light on...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by feriant, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. hi guys i got my accross red fuel indicator light turn on by 160K distance travelled. is it normal?
    how far you guys normally spent with full tank?
    what should i do?

  2. Have it checked because I'm sure you should be getting around the 300-350k mark.

  3. the tank on the across is pretty small i beleive, so 160 aint too bad.

    i used to get 230 out of my bandit and that had a 16L tank i think, my GF gets 350 out of a slightly larger tank on her GPX

    still cheaper than driving no matter how you look at it tho :wink:
  4. I think they call that the burn me now light, you need to have a good amount of fuel to toss the match at. :D :LOL: :D :LOL:
  5. Well color me compleatly wrong.

    My old Marauder got 330k out of a 14lt tank.

    But that was a single.
  6. yeah exactly! small fuel tank. pulled over at SEcitylink last night get off toorak rd lucky the petrol station still let me filled some.
    they actually preparing closing up ;p
  7. My yellow light comes at about 120km and the red at about 190-200. Mind you, the red use to come on at around 150 and then I had it serviced, made a hell of a difference.
  8. I've come to the conclusion that the Across's fuel economy (or lack of, depending on who's talking), is affected by:

    Gearing (sprockets)
    Riding (how "spirited" you ride)
    Riding style (do you tuck down or sit up)
    Rider Size/Weight

    My Across usually has the ORANGE light come on between 140 and 150, but on a long constant speed trip, it has lasted until 163 (but only the once). Riding (very fast) & revving the tits off it when accelerating, and the Orange light will come on at about 115-120 km's.

    I've never seen the RED light come on Yet - so far the furtherest I've ran it before re-fuelling is 223 km's (on a "sedate" riding day)... Even when I was fair hammering it on Sunday and the Orange light first started to glow at 115, I still got to 175 km's & then fuelled up (I wasn't going to risk the final 45 km's home! :p )
  9. Ya gotta love the ol Across jokes
  10. I wuz going to leave the across's alone but
    Does Suzuki really think that people who ride an across are so thick that they need not 1 (like on most bikes) but a 3 phase graduated warning system that tells you that you are running out of fuel.

    Man I would be really pissed if any sort of fuel warning light was displayed on my fireblade at 120 k's after putting fuel in.

    So I guess that when riding an across that for nearly 50% of the the time you are on the bike, you have some sort of fuel warning light glowing. faaaaarrk...

    Sorry not meaning to bag the across (for a change) just stunned at this piece of information.

    Edit: after re reading the above posts there might only be 2 lights, yellow and orange may be the same warning just on different bikes but still a warning light at 120 k's or less im gobsmacked.
  11. I found out on the first day I rode it what kind of warning the Spada gives when the fuel is running low - None
  12. I get a warning when my fuel is very low - the bike stops working! :p

    Seriously though - doesn't the Across have a Reserve tap ? Usually when mine starts gurgling and kicking, I can switch to reserve and still have enough fuel to find a servo.

    XVs... 3 small lights, 1 large light, 1 dial... the only other round things on the bike are the wheels!
  13. The Across has a 10 litre tank, plus 2L in reserve. The orange light comes on when the tank is down to 6L, and the red light at 2.5L

    I find I get to about 90 before the orange comes on, and the red at around 140km. :shock: That works out to around 18km per litre. I think :?

    I am tall (therefore high wind resistance) and heavy (115kg withour gear), so I figure the above figures are about right for me. Either that, or I am riding too hard :twisted: which will ultimately cost me too much in petrol and maintainance :roll:
  14. Jimis right
    10lt main tank 2 reserve.
    differant things effect your economy
    gearing etc
    way you ride
    city or country etc

    Around the city: i get 140 before the orange warning light comes on
    then I can do another 80 -90 KM before it hits red .
    when it hits red I have about 3 kms to fill up

    country: even better economy

    across lights on all bikes come on at a differant time , no 3 are ever the same.
    suggest you get a few litres off fuel and run it to the point she needs filling up so you can get a idea

    also the across likes to rev , if you put around on it the fuel milage goes down .
    generally we get the same lmilage as other bikes , around 20kp/lL but we have to fill up a little more often .
  15. 1 thing about the across! its close to impossible to switch from on to reserve without stopping.....its on the right side of the bike so you have to take your hand off the accelerator, its also in a hard to reach spot too! So having that red light is very handy! Can change it over before it stops on you!

    As for when the lights used to come on, I had the orange one come on about 90 to 100, and the red between 130 to 140 I am not that light and I did ride it hard…..and the longest I ran from a full tank was about 170 and I was praying to get to a station for a top up
    Them where the days!!!!! Im still hoping the new owner of my old across will bring it to a coffee night some time soon
  16. So besides a big gay handbag where the petrol should go, you've got sh!tty mileage too? Why in God's name would anyone buy one????

    I take it you want the guy/gal who bought it to turn up so we can ridicule them too right? :p :LOL:

    Don't worry Justin, you bought a Honda so you're forgiven your past mistakes. :D
  17. across rider got their own privilege which others will never ever have it!!
    we got boot for those green shopping bag!
  18. 20kp/l is a pretty good fuel range , the vfr wont be doing much better than that .
    we just need to fill up more as we have a smaller tank ., but we can carry an extra 5 litres in a jerry in the boot if need be (extra 100k's) thats if all my DEAD CATS are emptyied out of course

    jimi did have a choice honda or walk , he choose to walk until a decent bike came along thats why he got the across>
  19. Honda all the way!!!! mind you i do remember a kid calling some ones bike gay though......dont think it was mine ether