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'160K lost in Ride for the Hills'

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by GOOSH, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. so i get my copy of amcn and i get to page 18 and i notice something that is very alarming and was wondering if any one else has noticed.
    To quote amcn "40K raised in ride for the hills", am i not mistaken in thinking that there may have been a typo error. Well if it was mentioned once ok, but no, it is mentioned 3 times in the article.

    So my question to those involved, where did the other $160,000 plus go. Surely nobody can make such a statement at the end of the day and also online that over 200K was raised and then it get printed only 40k . So who stuffed up, where did the rest of the money go or who profited from this worthy cause that all us motorcyclists joined together to raise money for.


  2. If you are concerned, pick up the phone and ask them.

    Could it be 40k was raised through AMCN alone and the balance through other means?
  3. Pick up the phone and call who. I was bringing it to the attention on this forum because the organisers are a part of this forum. And they specifically came out and posted on netrider that over 200k was raised. As for amcn, or they are doing is reporting on the event, they didn't have anything with it. So if you were not there or were not involved in the organisation, please be quiet. I didn't ask you. Was posted for those who organised and for others who are looking for answers just like me
  4. I am not sure of that, but i have just sent off a email to flag it and get a response...will wait and see :shock:
  5. I figured if you called AMCN you could find out the name of the person who gave them their numbers and contact them directly for a response.

    Not sure why i deserved a response like the above, it was only a suggestion for you :oops: Anyhoo apologies if it upset you.
  6. :shock: :( :oops: :? :shock:

    It's all a bit numbing really!
    Not taking anything away from the fact that thousands of bikes rallied together for the cause, the ride went almost perfectly to plan & $40k was still donated to help those rebuild their lives etc. etc.
    BUT when statements like this were made public...
    And then AMCN runs a story stating "$40k raised in ride for the hills", it begs the question of where is the $160k+

    Goosh had posted up over 2 weeks ago...
    Only to get the response...
    I was and still am extremely proud to have been part of the biggest group ride for charity I've ever witnessed, and still am proud to have contributed to the money raised and donated to the Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund.

    BUT feel we should have been notified on this very forum that has discussed the ride since it's inception, of the outcome before reading it in the AMCN.

    This thread wouldn't have been necessary if the update was raised HERE before now!

    [EDIT] I am disgusted to hear of rumours about a group or riders, allegedly bringing their own yellow ribbon along to the ride and pulling it out and dividing it among their group in the open to avoid paying the registration :shock: :sick: :mad:

    If there was 2,000 bikes registered at $20 per bike (not including donations from pillions) that IS $40k. That's not including the 900 badges at $10each, supposedly sold out by 9:30 (as announced over the loud speaker) IS $9000. Add to that donations on the day & raffle tickets sold, auction items, plus donations on the RFTH website (currently at $990)... something doesn't add up!!

    It's obvious that there were A LOT of riders who wanted to bask in the success of the day BUT didn't want to contribute to the Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund by registering... so it is those that are responsible for taking away from the Bushfire Appeal!
  7. Well i can't say it was exactly hard to pick up the phone and call the President of the MRA. A very nice gentleman.

    $42k was is the official figured raised. approx 2,000 bikes attended.

    He has no idea where the $200k figure came from.

    Solved in under 30 seconds, happy Goosh?
  8. I think the $200,000 idea came from the announcement made in Whittlesea on the day.

    That annoying bloke with the microphone said the "rough approximate" was $200,000.

    Don't think they'd done any official counting at the time though.
  9. No offence taken mr ignorant. Sorry if it did sound rude. But I guess you can say yes I didn't help with any of it so why should I say anything. But Azz has quoted past posts, things just don't add up. I asked about a follow up and nothing has been done just yet. Ok while I am ranting on, what about the so called raffles and pre ride registration prizes. Isn't there supposed to be a list of winners posted somewhere. Cause as far as I know, there were prizes to be won but haven't heard of any winners. So who kept the prizes for themselves or something. I'm sure this raffle was run all legite but if it was, doesn't there have to be a winners listed printed somewhere. I will try searching when I get onto a computer and not on my phone
  10. I can tell you that on the Monday after the ride, the money that was collected on the Sunday was $22,300 odd. Why do I know, because I banked it for them.

    I am not aware of the pre-registration amount.

    $200,000 as quoted by CFVFR was always going to be wrong. There was no way it raised that much money.

    The RFTH commitee was again asked last night for a list of prize winners so they can be published on the website.

    I understand how much work goes into these sorts of events but Karmouche's response was predictable.

    You don't have the luxury of dragging your heels after an event as large as this one. It was held on the 5th of April and on the 23rd of April, 18 days later, information that is critical is still lacking. You rest AFTER everything is done, not straight after the ride.

    They all did a brilliant job but in my opinion they have let themselves down by treating the post event information as if it is less important than the event on the day.

    Approx 3000 bikes turned out for the day on Sunday, that alone without any badges and whatever else was being sold should have equated to $60,000 but not enough emphasis was placed on ensuring that only registered riders were on the ride.

    It is very sad to hear of people bringing their own ribbons, it's also sad to see that not everyone that was there, registered/donated for the day.

    But I guess that just proves, that as humans, we really are shit :mad:
  11. Let me guess, Austin Webb?
  12. Was he the one that was compere for the day and was trying to relate to us all but failed dismally in his attempts at motorcycle based humour and metaphor?
  13. Fixed that for you Vic :) I prefer to think of the thousands of riders who did give a damn for their fellow Australians. I am proud of my fellow riders who did contribute, the day was one I won't forget in a hurry. The glass is much more than half full. :cool:
  14. When I was there, one of the officials/organisers said there were around 6000 pre-registrations, and an hour before the event about 1000 on-the-spot registrations.

    However, if we assume bikes 3-abreast, bikes approx 2m long, and a 1 meter space between each row, that makes a column 7km long when PARKED. The bikes weren't queued up from St. kilda to the middle
    of Brighton, so I think that 7000-bike figure was wrong.

    However at $20ea that adds up to $140,000, plus donations and auction earnings etc., so that possibly could be the source of the misinformation about the estimated total raised?

    Me and my GF spent $450 at the auction, there were a few items that auctioned over $1000each. That side of things collected good money.

    We also were the lucky recipients of a door prize and saw many more handed out, so the giveaways certainly happened.

    With numbers like that, the organisers can't afford to sit on their hands before they explain; on the other hand there is a lot of work involved in adding it all up. I don't believe that the organisers would keep money deliberately but it is important that they show they haven't, with a transparent set of figures, else people will worry and speculate and guess. I would hate to see such a wonderful event and achievement marred by suspicion.
  15. Considering Austin wasn't even there but home sick, that would have been a rare feat! :roll:
  16. Were you at teh same event I was. I saw 5/6 bikes across with only a matter of 20 cms between rear and front tyres. If we assumed 7000 bikes by 5 across with a length of 2.2 metres, then the line would have been 3.08klms, and given that the road we were parked on was around 2 klms long, then it is feasible that the number could be close.

    I heard 6,000 bikes which would make it 2.64klms. At 6,000 bikes, that alone is registration of 120,000. Well above the $40,000 official result.

    Just the $20 fee would place it at 2,000 bikes forgetting the donations received, people that paid but didnt ride, auction items, etc.

    Something just doesn't add up.
  17. Look I think the real number is somewhere in between but overall
    you are right, we can't get things to add up and would like to understand
    how things do add up, so we need information from the organisers.
    JDK any comments?
  18. maybe some riders didn't register?
  19. Getting sensitive in your old age Tony? or do you roll your eyes with every comment these days?

    can you please go to www.dictionary.com and look up the word "guess" then you may see my post in the light it was posted in :roll:
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