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16 Hours of Passion (very interesting)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by not_sane, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. pfffttt they didn't ask me.......
  2. "Instead, it revealed we spend four months of our lifetimes playing computer games."

    Now i know i've played more than 4 months of games in my life and i'm only 20! The timer on WoW was upto 3 weeks solid!
  3. No doubt at the expense of other things on the list.....
  4. LMAO!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    :blush: I'm quite sure I've already reached my "passion" quota - should I be dead now? or does it just mean that there won't be any more "passion" for the rest of my life? - in which case, i may as well be dead!

    Hey Nil_Orally... Your 95 years old, wonder how much it all stacks up for you! :D:
  6. lol Grrrl, seems as though you've been having fun. By the sounds of it you've had like 24hours of Orgasms. Considering it is only the Orgasm and not all good bit in between also that's quite a long time. I'd like to know how they worked that one out, lol. Did the sit the with a stop watch and time the subjects orgasms then average the number out over th 78 years???

    Trust the bloody germans to work that stuff out.
  7. I actually did take that point into consideration when i made my calculations!! :LOL:
  8. HAHA!! Go you Tiger GO

  9. was that on your own.....? :runs for cover: :shock:

    so what other hobbies do you have......? :D
  10. 4 Months of computer games eh? Is that all? So who else's time have I used up - I reckon I'd be well over that figure already.
  11. can't we delete posts?
  12. hahahaha 16 hours really doesn't seem like that long..
    so i was correct in assuming you were in the dark corner on skate night for a reason
  13. 5 months of our lives renovating, and 16 hours of passion? That's 225 hours of bruised thumbs for every hour of ... whatever.

    It may be true that there is no balance sheet for friendship (doubly so for an intimate relationship) but when he/she wants the house renovated, and she/he wants to ride the bike, well, time's money.

    Now I'm an unskilled labourer, so, at minimum weekly wage ($12.75), I've completed renovations to the value of $2868 for each passionate 60 minutes. And that's 255 hours when I could have been on the road.

    Damn, that's expensive! Why did it seem such a good deal at the time?
  14. "Who says ve Chermans haf no sense ov humour??"
    "Just about everybody!"

    The Goons
  15. LMAO!! Wouldn't you like to know!
    (I'm not going to dignify that question with an answer :p)
  16. At my age you whippersnapper, it doesn't so much stack up, rather it resembles a scene from the world trade centre after it gained some aluminium. :?
  17. PMSL@whippersnapper!!

    World Trade Centre... Aluminium?

    Have you been 'hit by a plane'...?? :s
    sounds like the bunny that got spiked by the plane with the pointy nose :)
  18. Me thinks you could work out a formula for devising the number of hours spent at the computer by looking at the tally of post whores... i mean counts.

    1 hornet600 4080
    2 rc36Honda 3502
    3 Mouth 2681
    4 matt232 2354
    5 dan 2189
    6 groberts03 2043
    7 Coconuts 1926
    8 vic 1828
    9 Marty H 1783
    10 midnight 1723

    Now, take total post count... multiply average post duration by 2 minutes - and then we have the approximate amount of time each post whore has lost to Netrider.

    When you look at it like this... hornet600's 4080 posts (and counting) really is only 136 hours worth, so in a little under 6 days... anyone could be a true post whore!
    That said, it takes dedication.