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16" front tyre choices

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by hornet, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. My '98 Hornet has a 16" front wheel, severely limiting my tyre choices. My usual tyre is a Bridgestone BT-014, but as discussed elsewhere, there seems to be a supply problem at the moment. (The BT-014 is the only 16" tyre they make, too, my rear tyre is a BT-021.)

    The Michelin Pilot Sport is available in the same sizing, but I have no idea how this tyre compares withe the BT-014, compound, dual compound, wear, grip, etc???

    Can someone assist, please :)?
  2. Do they have a Metzler Z6 in stock, You cant go past them for handling and stickability in the wet.
  3. It might well be in stock, but it isn't available in 16" size.
  4. That would be annoying, No tyres in my size. Hahahahaha
  5. Just looking at the Bridgestone web-site, it appears the BT-014 no longer exists; its replacement is the BT-016 which is softer again, more of a super-sport tyre, and definitely not what I want. Exit Bridgestone. The only two tyres I can get is the Michelin Pilot Sport and the Avon VP2 Sport, about which I know nothing either. The last Avon tyre I used was a Road Runner, in the early 80s :LOL:
  6. Pilot Sport is good. Straight compound tyre. Better grip, I'd reckon, than the 'Stone, too. Can't comment on wear, I'm afraid.
  7. Balmain Motorcycle Tyres has Bridgestone BT-45's available in 16". Not sure if thats the type of tyre you want tho cause this is all new to me (compounds / stickyness / wear). I'm about to replace my worn Dunlop Arrowmax rear for the BT-45 (130/90 16)

    Just out of curiosity - what tyres are available in 100 /90 16 & 130/90 16'? I mean apart from Bridgestone Bt-45's (which from what I've read is an excellent tyre). So far they're all I've found.
  8. Avon tyres seem to be ridiculously expensive in Australia. Later Roadrunners (early 90s)weren't bad tyres and were always predictable but always seemed rather hard for relatively light bikes like 550s and 600s.

    Have you considered going from the stock 130 to a higher profile 120, which would give you a similar rolling radius and (hopefully) more choice? When I was with Transport over here, we generally had no problem with +-10mm on tyre section from whatever the tyre placard said as far as roadworthiness was concerned. How it might affect your handling is uncertain though.

    Don't suppose later Hornets might have got a 17"? If that were the case, a wheel swap might make more sense, as I don't see the choice of 17" tyres disappearing any time soon.